Written by Danni

9 Nov 2009

Bit of a delay since my last episode but, however, I will now tell you of the next interesting experience and what followed. That day Mahjid did drive us around in his car and showed us several places of interest and in the process fucked us both twice. 'Unfortunately,' he told us, 'I shall be unable to see you tonight, or the next few days, as I am flying to Istanbul on business later today.' That evening we went out with the girls again with a result very similar to that first night. The main difference was that Amy and I took a couple of lads back to our room and shagged all night, exchanging partners for a bit of variety.

During that evening though, we had exchanged chat with one of the Turks who operated one of the boats that did trips round the bay and local places of interest. Amy and I were quite taken with him and said that we would see him next day. We duly walked to the quays on the seafront the following morning, no doubt still full of spunk from our night-time activities! Cem (pronounced 'Jem' or 'Chem') said that he owned the boat and was prepared to get a crew of attractive lads together, who could service our group while all of us enjoyed the trip around the sights. Seemed like a good idea to us and, at dinner, we told the rest of the group.

There were one or two who were doubtful but, as you might guess, Margaret was all for it. The prospect, she said, of being fucked all day by a variety of eager cocks was even better than she had anticipated before we arrived! In the end, as Amy and I said, no one would be forced to have sex with someone they didn't want, so we all agreed. Before we took our lovers home that evening Amy and I went back to Cem and told him that it was agreed that all six of us would take up his offer. The cost would be shared amongst us. He said that he could organise it for the morning and could we be at his boat by half ten, we could!

As I said, we shagged all night and arrived at his boat on time. Cem himself was, we guessed, in his mid-thirties, good-looking and with a muscular body. His crew of five, more than was needed to run the boat, were all young, from about twenty to twenty-five years old we thought. As soon as Margaret saw Cem she commented strongly, 'He's mine first girls!', but the rest of us were happy to take pot-luck!

I have to say the trip was very well organised, the boat was specifically designed for it's purpose and had four lavatories and a similar number of showers. There was a proper galley and the food was well prepared and cooked. Our group were soon down to their bikinis as we motored away from the town, once a fair way out the fun started!

From never having seen anyone else having sex I now couldn't avoid it as men and women paired off and fucked on the air-beds on deck. I saw more cocks and cunt than I could ever have imagined! My lad was named Hassan, good-looking, as they all were, with an eight inch cock and plenty of stamina. Like a lot of men, his first fuck was relatively quick but after that grew progressively longer. He fucked me twice, much to my pleasure. Some of the women made the men wear condoms, but I love the feel of spunk and being spunked up so, like Margaret, and I think one other, I fucked barebacked.

After the first round, so to speak, as we progressed out of the bay, partners were exchanged and everyone enjoyed a different cock. The showers were in full use all the time, salt water of course, which isn't the best, but that was a minor point. My second lad's cock really was different as it was much shorter than Hassan's but about twice as thick, it rubbed my clit a treat and I came for the first time as he was fucking me. This lad's name was Hakaan and he said that he was twenty-seven and loved fucking English women, 'Easy fucking, English women, no morals.' I retorted that we had come to Turkey to fuck because we knew that Turkish men could not resist us!

They certainly couldn't on this trip, by the time lunch-time came round most of us had been fucked at least four times. Having a shower and a break was quite welcome, particularly those of us who didn't want our partner to use protection. I was full of spunk and it had squirted out all over my thighs, stomach and bum, messy, but I loved the feeling. Lunch turned out to be fried fish, beautifully prepared and cooked with Turkish bread (lovely!) and lettuce, tomatoes, onion and chips for those who wanted them, this was followed by fresh fruit, I must say that Cem had done us proud.

Afterwards the activities recommenced and I was just being fucked by the two I hadn't had before, one of them was Cem, who proved to be a gentle and very experienced lover. He made me come so many times that I lost count. About halfway through the afternoon most of us women needed a break and we were lying about drinking Coke or Efes beer. Margaret was indefatigable and demanded that some of the lads entertain us by wanking and shooting their spunk. If you can imagine what it was like to watch six men all masturbating at the same time, you're better than I am! But the fact proved the point and I became aroused as much as anyone else as I saw spunk jetting, or not as the case might be for not all men shoot their spunk, over willing women's bodies.

Margaret was the main recipient, her legs wide apart and playing with herself, which offended some of the crew for Muslims do not like women to pleasure themselves, she made herself a target and those who objected saw her as something to be defiled. It was an interseting thing to see, Cem, the most experienced, revelled in tossing-off for our enjoyment and jetted a really huge load despite having fucked at least six times that day.

After a break of an hour or so, drinking tea, apple tea, 'nescafe' or beer, intercourse restarted. The best thing about this time was that none of the men could cum quickly and we all benefitted, the lad I was with who had been one of my first lasted over half an hour and I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed it!

There was no doubt that this was an extremely tiring day and, once we returned to land, all most of us wanted to do was sleep, we'd had all the fucking we wanted for that day and for the first time after dinner we did not pick up lads to be our lovers that night. Speaking for myself, and I knew my room-mate Amy was the same, I was sore inside, especially my clit which had taken a real pounding. In fact, even the following day, sex was off the menu, except that is for Margaret who must have a cunt like leather! She went out and brought back a very strong looking lad and, according to her room-mate, fucked all night!

Our fortnight proceeded in like fashion really, that one night and the following day was the only time we didn't have sex and most of us boarded the plane home full of spunk. I was met by my husband and had to allow him to fuck me on the way home after I had told him of some of my adventures, the rest of my tales lasted for months of fucking for any descriptionm of what we did simply set him off again! I had never been so popular in bed, and around the house and even out in the fresh air for that matter, I had never realised what effect this activity would have on our men's love-lives for I was not the only one by any means! My husband said that that one fuck on the way home from the airport, when he put his cock in me and felt another man's spunk up there, was the most exciting fuck he'd ever had in his life. I wonder where that might lead to?