Written by Jayne

19 Dec 2011

I was asked if anything else happened after my first experience of nude sunbathing, so i thought I should tell you about the day at the pub, when hubby went to the beach on his own.

as with many women, headaches can be used really well if you don't want sex with your spouse. hubby and I had gone to the pub, which for those who read my first story,is owned by the guy who fucked me on the beach. After much drinking on my part, hubby asked if I was ready to go to the beach. This is where the headache came in and I suggested he go there himself and he could pick me up when he was finished. So off he went.

My friendly pub owner, suggested they I should come inside to have a look at the new chiller he had installed earlier that week. I followed him in. He closed the door after us and put the closed sign on, but didn't lock the door. I had enjoed what he did previously, was quite pissed anyway, so was expecting a bit of slap and tickle. I had a thin dress on with no underwear, so it was soon removed. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off and moved down to his shorts which went the same way. He took me over to a table and bent me over and started fingering my now wet pussy. It was only minutes later he had his cock inside me, pumping away nicely until I came, I came again, just before he did and exhauseted fell asleep on the table. I don't know how long I was asleep for, but had a lovely awakening, with a cock gently moving in and out of my pussy. What a way to wake up. I feltmyself coming as the cock started to go fatser and grow inside me, as I knew I would be filled with that magic fluid. He came inside me and it seemed as though the spunk wouldn't stop flowing. I turned round to thank the pub owner for a wonderful two fucks, when it became apparent that the guy behind me wasn't the owner after all. The owner was stood beside him and commented that because I enjoyed the surprise last time, when I thought my husband was fucking me and it was the owner, that he would aks his friend to help out. Hubby turned up 20 minutes later. It wasn't the last time I saw my two new loves before we went home.