Written by Sexycouple9908

10 Apr 2008

This is a true story, my wife (I) and I were in Gran Canaria last year staying in Taurito. We decided one day to go to one of the local beach\'s only to find it after a long walk down from the road that it was a nudist beach. Now if any body knows this area then they know that you park just of the main road that goes to Morgan and walk down to a small beach cove.

Anyway we decided that we shall stay and found a place to lie down. There are places that have rocks shaped like houses but with no roofs so you can sunbathe with out any one seeing you and protects against the wind.

Well we found a nice place and I just said to (I) lets go for it and after putting down the towels I straight away remove my shorts leaving me totally naked for the first time ever on a beach. (I) did the same which I was very surprised at as she is normally very prim and propper, but don\'t get me wrong she is fanstastic in bed and she loves oral.

Any way it was very hot and sunny so she covered her self in suntan loction including the white bits. She did look fanstatic as she always looks after her self and keeps her pussy trimmed which I like. She is small medium build with great tits and a great body with a loverly pussy.

Well as the day went on I noticed this guy who was totally tanned from head to toe that had walked passed us down the waters edge but what I really noticed was that he had the biggest cock I have ever seen not only in length but thick as well and it was not even hard. I told (I) of what I saw but she was to timmid to look.

After about half an hour the guy who was Spanish started to walk to were we where, there was not many on the beach just a few Germans there down so it was clear he was coming over to where we were. I have often thought as we men do of another cock fucking my wife and this was now going through my head. I new that (I) would not have anything to do with it so I just said to her as she was lying on her back with brown and pink areas around her pussy facing the guy who was now coming towards us, that he was now coming towards us and she just closed her eyes and said let me know when he has gone she would not look at him or his prick.

He came and said hi and squated beside my wife on her right I was on her left. As he was talking to us in broken English he could not keep his eyes of my wifes pussy. All the time my wife kept her eyes closed she was terrified, he then asked her if she would like a massarge and was now stroking her side gently moving his fingers towards her pussy. She just said no and asked me o tell him to stop, which I did, I got to admit I was getting hard myself then I noticed that he was playing with himself with the other hand and his prick was some size at least 10-12 ins and very thick which I stated to my wife to look at but she would not open her eyes. He left with a hard on and a smile.

My wife looked at me and said that turned you on didn\'t it I said how do you know she said just look at your cock and the pre cum that was dripping out of my bell end.

We decided it was time to leave the beach and headed back to our apartment where we went straight to the bedroom and had the most amazing sex we have had in along time. She said my prick was the biggest she has seen in a long time, she was also so randy, we fucked sucked and I even came in her mounth which she swallowed and she doe\'s not normally do that, she admitted that it did turn her on.

More to cum part two.