Written by Lusciouslips

21 Jul 2011

I am supporting myself against the wall by my hands I am naked, he is behind me running his cock up and down the cheeks of my arse. He pokes his cock between the cheeks of my arse just probing my hole, I am shaking with anticipation my juices running down my thighs, please let him penetrate one of my holes I am absolutely as one would say gagging for it. Eric has spent all afternoon touching, caressing, nibbling me till I am in a highly sexed state, I am trying my best to get him to fuck me but until he is ready penetration is when he has finished teasing me.

Eric and I have been lovers for 2 years and it has been the most wonderful sexual liason I have ever had. His turn on is to tease to see how long he can hold out before fucking me or I scream at him to fuck me hard. I met Eric on an,all girls geting over boy-friends holiday, just Sun Sex and more Sex was on the menue. Our group were at a club when Eric got me up to dance, I was tipsy and he took full advantage which I was more than happy with, he walked me back to my hotel and after some very heavy petting we arranged to meet next day. To be honest did not think he would as I only let him go so far and thought he would think no luck tonight but no there he was outside the hotel, he looked even better looking in daylight and I knew he had a decent sized cock in those shorts as I had had a good feel as he fingered me the night before.

We hit it off, good laugh, conversation and cocktails and we walked down the beach to a quiet sheltered spot for a just the two of us time. As we walked his hand slipped inside my swimsuit cupping one of my tits squeezing gently, we kissed our tongues doing a little dance in each others mouth. We reached the end of the beach and walked up into the dunes by now his hand was down the bottom half of my swimsuit, rubbing my arse his finger just pressing on that little hole. He layed the towels down and and slipped his shorts of and his lovely cock bounced into view, as I peeled my swimsuit of he knelt between my legs pulling them wide apart my very wet pussy on show. Good you don`t shave I like a hairy pussy and with that with fingers and tongue he teased the inside of my thighs and pussy I lay back letting my body sensations wash over me. After what seemed like a long time I was ready to be fucked and grabbed at his cock to guide it into me but he pushed my hand away and carried on teasing, those little nibbling bites at the top of my thighs just inches from my hole were sending me wild. I came with a gush covering his face in pussy juice, he laughed I think you are ready and with a thrust he was in me to the hilt, even then he just lay there kissing me his lips smelling of my pussy. I started to move riding his cock and soon we were at that place of no return and I felt his spunk flow into my body. Eric rolled of me but I wanted more, it was my turn I knelt between his legs taking his limp cock in my mouth and with my tongue and hands brought him back to hardness. I squeezed his balls my hand cupping them my finger just tracing the bottom of his arse, I stopped sucking him just fingering and squeezing and looked at his face he was grinning and so I slipped my finger up his arse a groan and so I moved my finger in and out it seemed to make his cock harder. I started to wank his cock my finger still working his arse soon his body was moving in rytham with my movements and then hot spurts of spunk spraying my belly and tits. We lay still for a little, Eric said not many girls do what you just did but you were okay with it. I explained that my first lover had been a much older man who was bi and loved anal penetration and had taught me to finger fuck his hole as he fucked me.

For the rest of the holiday we were inseparable and on returning home Eric managed to get a job near where I lived, this has been the best 2 years all other lovers are forgotten we explore all sides of our sexuality and satisfy all each others needs. Eric has always read the SH site hence my writing this.