Written by Albert docks

20 Nov 2013

After Salim and Ben had both had my wife on the floor together,top and tailing her, hard fucking her not letting her rest for a second we eventually had a break to recover, I was totally exhausted even though I had hardly been involved, so God knows how the others felt.

Chris was fully flushed very hot and looked gorgeous naked, but for her heels, full of Salim and Bens spunk.

After some wart and some chit chat the two guys said take her to the bedroom, blindfold her and lay her face up on the bed then come for us.

We did as instructed, Chris said she was nervous still yet could not stop the feeling she had in her head and her whole body for Salim and Bens cocks and there constant attention to her body.

I mumbled some rubbish to try to agree, reassure her, bloody pointless as I was in heaven watching her being used roughly and could not stop it if I wanted too now!

I went down to the guys in the lounge and Salim was not there, he followed me in having been in the kitchen to get some large vegetables out of the fridge, I was glad we had been shopping the day before!!

He had the cucumber thick and full length plus tomatoes and some large carrots, he said your wife a veggie and laughed saying she soon will be either way!!

They told me to follow them up say nothing and stay at the door to watch them.

Salim went first into the room, slapping Chris's hands away from her pussy and saying leave that for others you dirty married mother lover of Asian cock, this made her squirm and thrust her body up towards his face, he again slapped her down and Ben also held her down by the arms to prevent her doing anything for what was to follow.

Salim stuck the cucumber slightly into her wet pussy, followed by the biggest carrot, pushed right in, not softly,,roughly slammed in, he then stuck the cucumber in alongside the carrot, It is unreal how a woman's pussy can allow just treatment and come back for more. Salim asked her how many children have you had from this pussy, Chris screamed out four, as she started to come again, Salim said you like your cock then and you will come to see me in the surgery, you will,be fucked by me and my partner in the practice, he is also Asian and has a very large penis whimsies as big as this cucumber fully in your pussy now, you will come won't you, as he said it Ben started to pushing his hands hard onto her neck so she went red and gulped yes, yes, yes, I will do anything for you! Salim said, Master, call me your master, Chris said master straight away and promptly came and squirted another fountain up and over Salim and the bed.

Ben then took over from Salim, Salim moving to her head! sitting on her chest he pushed his cock into her face then mouth slapping her with it when it slipped from her mouth,

Chris was panting as Ben had started to slam the cucumber and carrot into her wet pussy so hard I thought she could not take much more of this!

Ben took the veg out with a fast action causing Chris to again lose her control and shoot another little squirt from her totally open pussy.

Ben slammed his cock in the her massive pussy then into her Arse which gave some resistance but not enough to stop his cock going straight into her right up to his balls.

He continued doing this arse to pussy to arse for what seemed an age, it was about 10 to 15 minutes when I looked at the time! they had been on her downstairs and in the bedroom for about three hours! they were loving it as was I and my wife who had amazed me over the past few hours.

Ben started to groan and shot his load right up her pussy thrusting several times to ensure he was fully satisfied and empty!!

As Salim heard Bens Groans he shot his old in her mouth and pulled out and also squirted some on her face and hair, he rubbed it into her face and hair, pulling her hair as he did it and slapped her face sticking his fingers into her mouth calling her his new mother fuck, what are you now he said to her, your slut mother fuck master. He said, good slut, now get us clean take us in the shower and wash us and remember when I message you you will do as I say and wear what I say and visit my surgery for my and partners use. She said of course master, he threw her from the bed into Bens arms, Ben removed her blindfold, looked her in the eyes and said you enjoyed that you total slut didn't you,Musharraf said yes master, Ben said, wait till his partner gets hold of you, he will fuck you totally senseless, if you thought we did, you ain't seen nothing yet slut. With that I turned away from the door wanked myself for seconds before shooting the biggest load ever on the floor. OMG, what an session and I cannot wait for the Dictor to message her

Chris dutifully washed them whilst being slapped and molested by them both, ben gave her his cock again as she sucked Salim to get the soap off!!! They did not come again in the shower.

They got dressed and left leaving mobile numbers and the Doctor saying, I will give you a week to recover as you will be sore tomorrow and you will need to be fully fit to take both me again and my partner as I said, he will totally destroy your arse and pussy and as for you face and mouth!!!

They kissed her, slapped her arse and left us, totally speechless, worn out not quiet understanding, what we had just done and what we have to go through again possibly.

it was a week later Chris got the message on her phone and on the web site just as Salim had said.

He said, you will wear black silk tights, not stockings, boots, not too high as to draw to many comments or attention in the surgery waiting room, skirt a few inches above the knee, slightly see through red blouse, red bra and long cardigan to cover to much flesh on show. She was told to wear no underwear as that will be provided on the day.

Salim said that his partner was very much looking forwards to ruining her and said he likes her pictures on the site and feels Salim has found a truly sexy beautiful slut for their ownership.

We spoke little the night before the arranged visit, my wife was told to call the surgery with a letter from her doctors surgery saying it had been arranged through her surgery and she needed to see Doctor Salim for a consultation! phone or face to face! Salim had sorted this through my wife's practice and told his staff that if this woman calls it would be best I see her as it is for another practice Doctor friend and he had asked him not to have phone chat, see her for him! Strange we thought, but she was not going for any medical issues anyway!!

Chris said no sex the night before so I had a BJ only, saving down there for my masters she said as we went off to sleep, I sneaked a feel when she dropped off, she was soaked through, and obviously ready for the day ahead.

Part three to follow.