Written by rosenrot2904

14 Sep 2018

A few years ago I met a girl online through Craigslist or Gumtree [cannot remember]. We talked for a while and had some very interesting conversations. She was married and lived on my way to work. For both of us opportunities were limited but we both agreed to meet. We had a mental idea of what each other looked like, but we didn't swap pictures, so we didn't know what each other actually looked like. She suggested that I just walked up to her door and see how long it took to have sex. I found this a real turn on so obviously agreed. Our conversation then went to how long would it be from when she opened the front door. The idea of being inside a complete stranger after a very short period of time was really erotic and I really could not wait for it to happen.

So the big day came and I set off to work. I found her house and parked around the corner. As I got out of the car I was absolutely rock hard at the anticipation of what was about to happen. At the exact time agreed I walked up the path and knocked the door. I saw her walk towards the door and then heard the lock move. She opened the door and was wearing a black dress and as I found out very quickly, stockings. We said hello and immediately embraced. Shutting the door behind us we immediately went into the lounge. She felt me almost immediately and I turned her around by the settee. She sank onto her knees and I pulled her dress up. She was not wearing knickers and was absolutely soaking wet. I very quickly rolled on protection and entered her deeply. I will admit to not lasting long and in a frenzied bout of passion soon came. After a few moments we composed ourselves and started talking to each other. She was a lovely girl and we got on well. We worked out that from the time the door was open to when I entered her it was less than 20 seconds and we both agreed that the sheer anticipation of fucking someone we had met less that a minute earlier was a massive turn on. We then spent a pleasurable hour or so together, where I found out that she was rather good at massage as well . This happened about 7 years ago and I still refer to it on a regular basis. A highly erotic experience that I would like to repeat some day.

So if you are of the fairer sex and interested... :)