Written by Mathew Harringtom

25 Jan 2016

My wife Janet and I have been friends with Julia and her husband Phil for years. We all met at university and since that time I have always lusted after Julia. Two weeks ago we held a cocktail party and we all got rather drunk. I went out in the garden to get some air and Julia followed me. She had a low cut short dress on that showed off her magnificent breasts. To say I was horny would be true and I put my arms around her and kissed her gently on the lips .I expected her to push me away but she kissed me back. I led her into the garage and we sat on the back seat of my transit minibus. We were all over each other and my fingers quickly found her bra strap and released those 36dds. She had released my cock and was sucking on it . We were both very aroused and it did not take long before we both lost our clothes and cuddled naked on the transit seat. My lips licked at her very juicy pussy which unlike my wife's was totally shaven . She was pulling at my cock and quickly directed it towards her pussy. I fucked her like a man possessed and loved the tightness of her vagina. Just as I was close to cumming Phil appeared very angry and started hitting me and trying to pull me off his wife. I was so close to cumming I could not stop and kept thrusting Julia until we both came together . To say that this was a great fuck would be a lie Julia and I came together in sync and she was the best fuck ever. Its sad that Phil did not fancy Janet since I had promised her that her would. Sad to say I lost my wife as a result of this, and after two weeks together Julia went back to Phil . Must be a moral here but for now I am living with the memory of that fuck.