Written by judy

23 Jul 2010

i came across this site the other day and have been reading the stories ,so i decided to post my story which happened 18 years ago in 1992 . my husband and i were 26 and 24 at the time ,he had a good job and was expecting promotion , we were expecting to go out with the firms owner and his wife but he found out he had to go out of town that night, anyhow ,on the day i got a call from him saying that the boss had told him if i wanted i could go out with them, he said it sounds a good idea so i said ok.

i was expecting them at about 7 30 so i got ready, i wore a blue dress which was quite short, about mid thigh my white heels,and panties. they turned up and i was surprised how old they were, i had been expecting a young couple , but carol was about 60 ish, and arthur was older maybe 70s .we went out and later went back to ours for a night cap,we opened a bottle of wine which soon led to another , i was sat with carol on the sofa and arthur across on a chair ,soon the wine was getting to me , carol moved closer saying ,you have got nice legs judy and she put her hand on my knee and slid it up my thigh. i said what are you doing, and pushed her away .she said we like to play games and it might do tonys promotion ok. she put her hand back on my thigh ,then leaned over and said in my ear ,open your legs so i can touch you and arthur can see.she started kissing my neck, i leaned back and her hand went to my panties, she rubbed my pussy through them then put her hand inside and fingered me , she then started kissing me,she made me come, then she knelt in front of me took my panties down and started licking me, i could not help it and held on to her pulling her at me , i looked over at arthur and he had his cock in his hand watching us, it was big i watched him wank it. he then came over ,carol moved aside and undressed while he fucked me, i must say for a 60ish woman she had a great body, the three of us went to bed and for an hour had sex in different combos ,them two together , me and carol, me and arthur and the three of us together . they left half hour later ,it never happened again my hubby never found out but he got his promotion