Written by Angela

29 Sep 2010

The bank is closing our department and so we’re all made redundant as of the end of September. Last night we went out for a meal and drink as a way of saying farewell to the people we possibly won’t see again. As I sort of expected, we all drank more than was good for us and I ended up sitting on a large leather sofa in a deep, semi drunken conversation with my boss. We were sitting very close to each other and I was aware that he’d touched the side of my breast me a few times during our conversation. This occasional touching eventually became a deliberate, gentle stroking with the back of his hand. After a few seconds thought, I decided that I was quite happy about it and did nothing to deter him. In fact, I actually moved slightly to make it easier for him and to hide it from the other people in the bar. Given the extra cover he began to stroke my breast over my nipple through the thin fabric of the dress. The dress was halter neck and fairly soon after he started to stroke me, I felt his finger move inside my dress from the side. As I wasn’t wearing a bra, his fingers were now making direct contact with my flesh.

To cut a long story short, I ended up back at his place. Although we both knew what we wanted, it became very awkward and we stood in the kitchen talking nonsense as we waited for the kettle to boil. So, to get the ball rolling and to make it clear to him that I was up for sex, I lifted my dress and took my knickers off. This seemed to get things moving and soon we were in his bedroom, me on the bed, on my back with my dress up round my waist. Him with his face buried between my legs licking me out. Just as I was on the verge of an orgasm, he lifted his head and made his way up my body. I felt his dick pressing against me, I reached down between my wide open legs and guided his bell-end to the entrance of my soaking fanny. He entered me and in one stroke he was balls deep and he began stroking the full length in and out of me.

He was an impressive lover and I came quite quickly with a good strong orgasm. Then without warning he withdrew from me and asked me if I would mind turning over. I have no objection to doggy style, so I had no hesitation in getting on my knees on the bed in front of him. He pulled me back towards him and squeezed my braless boobs through the fabric of my dress as he kissed my neck. I reached behind my neck and untied the shoelace strap which was the only thing holding my dress on. The whole of the top of my dress fell away and he was then able to get full access to my tits. He squeezed and rolled them in his large hands and pulled hard on my nipples.

Placing his hand in the centre of my back he gently pushed me down toward the mattress. I bent forward, my head actually touching the bed, raising my backside to him as I spread my legs enough to make it easy for him to get inside me. Again, he slipped in very easily. A few gentle movements which quickly built in to a hard pounding got me to my second orgasm in a very short time. He began to increase the speed and power of the strokes and within a very short time he was fucking me nice and hard; pounding his dick in to me like a hammer. I reached between my legs and felt for his balls his balls which were hitting me between the tops of my thighs.

The fucking continued and just got better and better as we got used to each other and got a nice grinding rhythm going. His lovely dick moving inside me gave me about four orgasms before he made it obvious he was getting close to coming. For the first time in the session, the fact that he was fucking me bareback crossed my mind but before I could think of what to do he groaned and I felt him off load deep, deep inside me in three or four jerking movements.

I stayed on all fours and he kept his still hard dick inside me for a couple of minutes while he caught his breath. After he withdrew from me, we lay on the bed for a while trying to think of something to say to each other. I’m not sure it will ever be the same in work again.