Written by Matt Harrington

28 Oct 2015

Susan,,my girlfriend often used to take me to visit her aunt,Jane, a tall slim woman in her early fifties with died blonde hair and very large breasts which she was obviously very proud of. We often stayed over in separate bedrooms and Susan did not believe in sex before marriage. Jane found this very funny and was forever teasing me about it. One day Susan was feeling unwell and was in bed all day. Jane suggested going for a walk ,and we walked into Epping Forest. We stopped for a picnic and drunk a bottle of dry white wine between us. Jane was always teasing me about Susan and I not having sex and kept asking if I was frustrated. She removed her jumper when we sat down for lunch which displayed the outline of her large breasts to the full.She say me gazing at them and asked if I wanted to see more,at which point she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. I could not resist learning over and kissing her nipples. As I felt her getting aroused my fingers wandered to her trousers,unbuttoning her top button,pulling down her zip and putting my fingers inside her knickers. She really had a very hairy pussy and it took me some time to get into her now very juicy vagina. She pulled at my jeans and my cock sprung out. Jane laid back on the grass ,I tore off my jeans and pants and offered her my now very hard cock.,which she started to suck.

Jane said I need this inside me and laid back pulling off her trousers and knickers. My cock swiftly entered her very welcoming vagina and I slowly started to fuck her alternating between deep and low thrusts. She dug her long finger nails into my back whilst I kissed her rather saggy breasts.

It did not take me long to cum which disappointed her ,and she spend some time getting me hard again at which time I lasted longer and we both climaxed together.

After this I developed a love for sex with older women,they are always great lovers and they do appreciate a big cock. Try one you won't look back .