Written by Bob Paton

8 Oct 2015

I am just 22 and have been going out with my girlfriend Melanie for about two years. Melanie is younger than me and is adamant that she will remain a virgin until we marry. Doreen ,her mother is 47,tall 5ft 9 ,slim but with the biggest breasts I have ever seen. She always seems to hang around when I am at Melanie's house and is very tactile always wanting to hug me. One afternoon I left work early and went to see Melanie. Doreen answered the door and told me Melanie was out shopping. She said why don't you come in and wait. I sat on the sofa and Doreen sat beside me very closely. We chatted about the weather and then Doreen said vou and Melanie seem to get on well ,I hope you don't get her pregnant. I said somewhat indignantly that's unlikely she won't have sex until we are married. Doreen put her arms round me and said oh you poor boy you must be so frustrated. I was not sure what to say but was very turned on by her very large breasts pressing against me. Doreen noticed my growing erection and gently unzipped my jeans and held it with her hand. My she said Melanie is going to be lucky pity you have to wait so long. At this I kissed her and said yes I am so frustrated .She said maybe I can help and took off her top to reveal her bra, which I swiftly unclasped to reveal her magnificent breasts which I caressed gently. Her hand wandered to my jeans which she unzipped and pulled out my now very hard cock. She kissed it and then started to suck at it.Meanwhile my hand had wandered inside her skirt and knickers to find a very hairy pussy which I explored. I so want this she said Gordon hasn't had sex with me for years. She half pulled ,half walked with me to her bedroom where she tore off my clothes and indeed hers and pulled me onto the bed. I explored her very hairy pussy with my tongue ,she grabbed my now very hard cock and placed it at the entrance. I had a second of regret at betraying my girlfriend before pounding her now very juicy pussy and gently kissing her breasts. I came much to soon ,and Doreen was very angry but soon got me aroused again for another session, which lasted much longer. All in all she was one of the best fucks ever, and I learnt so much from her. Melanie and I are to marry next month but I think I would rather have Doreen any day.