Written by Matt D

10 Apr 2015

It was close to midnight and I was only about half an hour from home when I drove into the dogging area close to Gloucester on a warm Sunday evening last year. There were only three or four cars parked up and I could not see any signs of any interesting action.

At the far end I could just see that there was a large motorcycle with a man standing next to it smoking. I parked a few car lengths away from him and crossed the road to the bushes to take a piss. On the way back to my car I saw that there was some movement close to the motorcyclist. I walked a little closer and I could see that there was another person crouched down in front of him giving his large knob a blowjob. At first I was not sure if it was male or female but as I got close I saw that it was a slim, young woman with long blond hair. Like him she was wearing black motorcycling leathers.

The man leaning against the bike nodded towards me and gave a thumbs up. I was now only about a yard away from them and I could clearly watch her in the light from the full moon as her lips moved up and down along his prick and her hand massaged his testicles. I had my hand down the front of my trousers holding my stiff cock not knowing what might happen next. The man told me that if I waited for her to finish on him his wife would probably suck me off as well as she loved the taste of spunk. She looked up at me as she took his cock even deeper into her mouth."OH God!" he cried "Here I cum" and he moved his hands to hold her head still as he pumped his load into her mouth. He kept his cock in her until she had drained every drop from him.

He moved away and told me to take his place in front of her and to drop my jeans and underwear to my knees. She licked the palm of her hand and reached for my cock and gave it a few strokes to complete my erection. She pulled my foreskin back and licked around my helmet before she slid her lips around it and sucked me into her mouth.

I looked to one side and saw that another two men had joined us, her husband told her to show us her tits, she pulled down the zipper on her leather jacket and pulled it open, her breasts were not that large but they were very firm and I could just reach down and cup them with my hands feeling the hard nipples in my palms.

One of the new arrivals was standing behind her and he too wrapped his hands around her and placed them over her tits. He then slid one hand down over her stomach and tried to get it into her knickers she shouted "No" and pushed his hand away, her husband quickly stepped forward and told him to "Fuck off" He moved away from us and sheepishly returned to his car and drove away.

After this little diversion the woman resumed her attention to my cock, she pushed her lips further down the shaft until her nose was pressing against my pubic hairs at the same time she held my balls in the palm of her small hand, squeezing them gently. This was too much for me and I warned her that I was close, it only took another couple of minutes before I shot what felt like half a pint of cum into her mouth and throat. She kept on gently sucking me clean until I began to soften and slipped out of her mouth. I thanked her and moved to one side. The remaining man took my place and I watched with her husband as she expertly blew him too then he drove away.

She stood up, still with her tits exposed, we all talked for a while and they said that they very rarely visited this particular dogging site but they were often at sites close to their home in Essex. She rubbed the front of my jeans and asked if I was able to come again, but I said that she had drained me and even with her talents it would probably take me ages to perform again.

I told them that it was time for me to leave but they said that they had a treat for me before I went. She lowered her leather trousers and bent over the bike as her husband stood behind her slid his cock into her cunt and fucked her. I spent the next ten minutes or so watching them and then when they had finished they picked up their helmets from the floor, put them on and rode away, I noticed that she still had her top open and her tits pressed into his back.

What a night!