1 Aug 2016

I posted a few weeks back about Babe getting fucked in a dark corner of a disco/bar and then meeting a lady friend from back in the day when her ex took her swinging, I sort of realised as soon as I saw Babe and her lady friend walk out of the ladies room arm in arm that the night wasn't over so I took in her assets so to speak she was similar size to Babe 5'2ish mid 50's dressed to attract in a black silky top that showed a fair bit of her ample tits and a black leather skirt with a sexy zip down the front un-zipped half way showing a fair bit of leg with each stride she took.

Babe saw me and introduced her friend saying they went back years and they both laughed at this but straight away I took a fancy to her noticing how very hands on she was with Babe anyway we walked outside the girls still chatting about what they had been up to since they last met giving a squeal now and then when a bit of sexy banter came out, Babe asked her where she was going and we'd drop her off but she said she was going to a party with friends then the bottom line she asked if we'd like to come as it was only a little get together back at her house and if we came it would make nine in total, Babe looked up into my eyes and asked if I fancied it as she knew I attended many parties with my Ex ! I knew she was still horny and my cock gave a little twitch as her hand brushed over it laughing she said my my your horny to, her friend moved over to join our embrace saying you won't be sorry I promise, with that she phoned her husband to tell him she had a surprise for him.

In the car the girls got into the back still very touchy feely and whispering into each others ear giving a moan now and then as I think they where telling each other what they would do to each other, I asked where to there reply was some where dark, I looked in my mirror just as there lips met there mouths slightly open tongues just pushing outside there lips waiting to invade the others mouth, there lust for each other took over as they came together there mouths mauling the other, there tongues probing then sucking the others tongue deep into there mouth, breathing now heavy Babe whimpered as her friend roughly groped her tits pushing her hand down her top to release them before she lowered her head down to suck hard on her nipples, I thought to myself Babe likes to be taken and obviously they had played with each other before as this soon became an assault by her friend on Babe who was loving it.

I drove to a dark lane by the park stopping in a little cut into the tree's parked up and turned to see Babe getting mauled by her friend hard obviously she was the dominant partner as she ordered babe to lay back and open your legs bitch I need to eat you, I asked her if she wanted to get in the back as I have an estate she just said do it, I heard her order Babe to get in the back boot open your legs I need to taste you cunt juice bitch, I was a bit taken back as Babe did as she was told and allowed herself to be pulled from the back seat taken to the rear door told to bend over before her dress was pulled off her leaving her naked as she'd already lost her thong when the guy fucked her in the disco, the Dom moved behind her running her hands over Babes arse before she pushed her fingers roughly into her cunt cursing as she realised she was full of cum from the guy who fucked her before, she growled you've been shagged already bitch ordering Babe to lay on her back and open her legs mmm what a sight I had as Babe lay back her cunt oozing juice her tits rising and falling fast as her breathing increased waiting for what was to come.

The Dom moved between her open legs pushing all her fingers into her cunt lips making Babe squirm as she pushed hard back onto the thrusting hand now knuckle deep inside her, the Dom began to fist her faster as Babes cunt mound pushed hard back onto her knuckles making her groan each time they rubbed hard over her clit, Babes head began to rock her breathing coming in short gasps as her orgasm started her love juice running from her cunt over the Dom's hand then just as she came hard the Dom pushed her fist all the way up inside Babes pussy making Babe scream in pain and pleasure as she ground her cunt mound hard back against the Dom's hand now deep inside her, Babe pushed down on her feet raising her cunt up and down the Dom's hand making squelching sounds as her juice oozed from her pussy.

The Dom growled at Babe just wait till I get you back to the party bitch as she pulled her hand out making Babe squeal in pain and pleasure, she turned to look at me smiled and said there's more to come as she licked Babes juices from her hand, I needed some release so I moved to taste Babes juice letting the Dom push her fingers into my mouth my tongue tasting Babes love juice, she then smeared my lips area before she leaned into me licking it from my face then pushed her tongue deep inside my mouth our mouth's opened wide to rape each others mouth, her breathing coming shorter as my hands found her tits groping her hard my right hand slid down her body pulling her zip up to reveal her cunt mound now eagerly thrusting against my fingers as I probed for her slit pushing her thong up inside her pussy lips my fingers pushing inside her cunt making her groan a long yes's as my thumb rubbed over her clit making her open her legs.

I looked at Babe still panting in the back stroking her pussy I pulled the Dom positioning her between Babes open thighs gripped her hair and pushed her head down onto Babes cunt mound ordering her to eat her as my hand ripped her thong away I pushed my rampant cock between her pussy lips then pushed deep inside her pussy making her groan into Babes cunt mound, I began to stroke my cock into her faster and deeply my loins and balls slapping hard against her arse her head bouncing onto Babes cunt as Babe caressed het tits with one hand as the other pushed the Dom's head hard onto her clit, the Dom grunted as I pulled her back onto my cock my thrust's now long and deep I could feel my head hitting home against her cervix, my balls began to twitch as she squealed fuck me you bastard, as she was coming her groans muffled by Babes cunt mound Babe pushed her head hard onto her clit as she fucked her cunt up and down the Dom's mouth till she came hard her juice squirting from her pussy into the Dom's mouth there squeals and groans filling the air with the sound of sex, my rampant cock slammed into her deep as I emptied my load into her cunt my loins twitching hard against her arse as I drained my cum inside her.

Babe lay back panting for breath as the Dom slid her mouth up Babes body till they kissed wide open French style my cock came free making a sucking sound as my head fell from her warm pussy, my thighs drained of strength I gripped my cock pulling every drop of cum from it and spread it over the Dom's arse saying I'll lick it clean back at your house ! suddenly she screamed ooh the party the party Quick take me home I should be there oops .... to be continued ....