29 Oct 2016

To continue from my last post .....

Babe was squirming on the settee as the Dom buried her mouth hard onto Babes swollen cunt mound lapping up her juices

her teeth must have been nipping her clit making Babe push her cunt mound hard back onto the Dom's mouth, her hands gripped her hair tight as she began to face fuck hard onto the Dom's willing mouth her juice oozing from her making the Dom groan.

Babe again growled as another orgasm hit her making her close her thighs tightly around the Dom's head her arse raised off the settee as she ground her pussy up and down the Dom's willing mouth, the Dom pushed Babes legs up higher as she quickly dropped her mouth lower onto Babes bum hole making her squeal as her tongue began to probe into her I was amazed to see Babe squirt her cum in a jet onto the Dom who was now covered in sweat and the love juice oozing from Babe.

The woman who had been playing with herself as two guys shot there cum over her tits suddenly stepped onto the settee facing Babe her pussy moved closer to Babes open mouth her thighs opened as she lowered her cunt onto Babes mouth and began to move her clit up and down mmm man what a sexy seen three hot women getting it on together, Babe slid her hand up between the woman's thighs till she found her love box and slid two fingers inside her making her groan as she rocked onto Babes mouth and back onto her probing fingers her hands rose up to her cum soaked tits mauling them hard pinching her nipples harder as she started to cum over Babes mouth.

Babes fingers moved faster frigging her cunt as she sucked her clit hard between her teeth as her legs buckled her orgasm hit her hard making the two guys move in and join in the fun, one stepped onto the settee gripped her hips as he lowered his cock between her arse cheeks slowly pushed into her and slowly started to fuck her, the other guy moved behind the Dom slid his cock deep inside her cum filled pussy and began to grind his cock deep inside her making her tongue leave Babes bum as she grunted pushing her arse back onto the cock that was buried deep in her cunt.

Babe still eating a pussy as a cock went in from behind the woman, the Dom now getting fucked hard from behind moved her mouth back onto Babes cunt mound making her mouth ram Babes cunt hard with every time the guy slammed his cock into her, all five of them totally lost in there sexy fun till the guy who was the fucking the woman who was face fucking Babe on the settee pulled his cock out shooting his cum onto Babes tits and belly, the Dom moved up and licked it from Babes tits as the guy who was fucking her pulled his cock hard as he moved alongside the Dom's face pulling her head back her mouth open waiting for his load her tongue lapping at his bulging cock head he grunted again and again as he came into her open mouth his spunk shooting over her face before she sucked his cock into her willing mouth draining every last drop of cum from his balls.

It was then I noticed the other couple who had been trans fixed on the action like me move closer she was holding his cock as she smiled at me before her other hand moved over my cock and slowly caressed it till it rose up hard and angry wanting some fun, she groaned as she moved in front of me still pulling the other cock behind her she smiled and joked hello big boy are you horny mmm, needing no invite I slide my hands onto her hips pulling her closer till my cock pressed against her belly between us, her hands slid around my neck as she raised her body up mine her thighs opened as she began to rub against me till she was high enough for my cock head to slide between her moist pussy lips a few times and then home into her juicy pussy.

I pushed my hands down between her thighs to grip her arse as I slowly slid my cock into her till my balls began to slap her arse with every thrust I gave her she lowered her head onto my shoulder and whispered a sexy fuck me just before she squealed, I felt a pair of hands slide between our bodies to grip her tits hard mauling them as the second guy moved behind her his cock now between her cheeks pushing into her arse slowly mmm what a feeling as my cock buried up her cunt and his cock pushing into her arse only separated by a thin wall of flesh, she bit into my shoulder as his cock went deeper into her so I pushed into her again she responded by rocking back and to from my cock to his going deeper every time till she was nice and juicy for her to enjoy getting DP'd, I held her arse tight my cock balls deep in her as he banged into her arse time and time again.

She moved her open mouth over mine her breathing coming in sharp gasps her tongue fucking my mouth as she whimpered her orgasm was close don't stop I could feel his cock running into her passage I gave a little push as I again began to fuck her with long hard strokes, her head went back her mouth open wide her breathing stopped as she came hard her cum running down my legs she began to rock hard from my cock to his grunting with each thrust, he bit into her shoulder as he began grunt, his cum shooting inside her back passage I could feel each jet he gave her till he pulled out from her making a sucking sound as he plopped out from her, she still carried on fucking my cock slamming her mound hard onto mine as she again gripped my head as she whispered for me to fuck her mmm man she was fucking hot I tell you.

I slammed her for a good time before I felt my balls twitch, I grunted as she growled at me to cum inside her my head now grinding deep inside her love box my body went stiff forcing my cock hard into her, she slammed her cunt mound hard down my length till she creamed over my cock just before I let my load go, she still ground her cunt into me as my cum dripped from her pussy her mouth came to mine she kissed me hard her mouth wide open her tongue fighting with mine and then gently she let go, my cock still inside her twitching my last cum from my balls.

She slowly slid her legs free and touched the floor her body sliding down mine her tits feeling sexy as they slid down my chest she playfully nipped my nipple between her teeth and groaned we must do it again soon please next month at our party ok, it was then I looked across to Babe who lay between two guys on the settee stroking there limp cocks, looking up at me she bit her lip telling me she was still horny she rose came to me her nipples hard and her pussy lips red and swollen with all the fucking she had tonight, her tits and thighs had a few bites on them from the Dom and her tits bounced as she walked to me, I pulled her to me our lips kissed a gentle open lips kind of kiss her tongue slid between my lips probing my mouth, I pulled away looked at her she glowed her face was so beautiful even after all the action she'd had I just said my turn now Babe can we make love mmm she smiled and said take me home Babe xxxx