8 Jul 2016

I've posted about our holiday fun in Maspalomas and how my little Blonde really turned me on with her fuck sessions with males and females even our taxi ride home was a double session for her as she got fucked twice by the taxi driver before the sun came up but hey what a turn on.

A few weeks past with both of us back at work we fucked when we could so to speak till one day she came home and asked me if she could go on a works hen night with the girls in a couple of weeks around the pubs in town ending at a disco bar for a dance she said, my cock stirred as I held her close kissing her gently her arms wrapped around my neck as she pushed her body into mine her tongue darting into my mouth, her mouth opened wide as my tongue forced its way inside hers, her breathing came in gasp's as she must of realised what I was thinking she groaned into me as she began to laugh breaking our kiss she looked up at me saying are you getting horny babe because I am, her hand rubbed the bulge inside my pants she pulled my head to hers and asked me if I want her to have some fun I just kissed her hard pushing her back onto the kitchen unit my hands gripping her arse lifting her up till she rested leaning back on the top her legs opened allowing me to pull her nickers off before I buried my head between her thighs.

My mouth found her cunt mound she squealed as I rubbed my teeth against her clit my tongue pushed inside her pussy lips tasting her as it slid up her slit onto her now hard clit and back down again over and over till her thighs clamped hard against my head her hands gripped me pushing me against her thrusting cunt mound, she cursed me as she fucked her cunt against my mouth calling me a dirty bastard for wanting her to get fucked again I broke free and quickly freed my cock ramming it into her pussy before she could say much more her head threw back her mouth gasping for air as my cock slammed into her she growled at me to fuck her harder her love juice running from her pussy onto my cock splashing over us both as I fucked her hard my balls slapping her arse till she grunted she was coming don't stop babe fuck me she groaned as I continued to ram into her, she exploded inside her pussy as she shot her cum out man what a feeling as my cock thrust deep inside her cunt against a jet of hot juice running from her, my balls ached for release as I shot my load deep inside her I was still trying to fuck her but my strokes became shorter and shorted as I drained my balls and fell on her my legs trembled she had drained my thighs of strength and my cock now twitching my last cum into her.

We kissed gently our bodies gasping for air as I slowly moved off her panting body gently running my fingers over her pussy lips making her groan mmm I said do you want to have fun Babe mmm she groaned that depends she said still laying on her back her fingers moving over mine on her pussy pushing them inside her cunt then I said enjoy as we both knew she was up for it and wanted me to enjoy it to so she said why don't you come to the disco bar and watch me babe stay back till I call you then follow me so I know I'll be safe I just groaned a long yes.

We fucked like rabbits till a few days before the hen night as she wanted a nice tight pussy for the cock she was hoping to get on the night, so on the day she bathed shaved her parts asking me to smooth some nice smelling oil on her pussy mound before she dressed in black bra and thong a black button up blouse and a black mini skirt with a zip up the front that I said was for easy access I unzipped it a bit more half way up her thighs saying there that's better she playfully slapped me asking how do I look babe I just said ask my cock, before she left she told me the bars they would be in before the disco bar so I just told her to have fun and remember I'll be watching mmm.

The time dragged till about ten when I decided to go get into this bar before it got to crowded my cock already semi hard just thinking about her, I told myself to chill otherwise I would get arrested for the bulge in my pants so off I went to the bar to wait for her to arrive I ordered three long G&T's so I could stay well back giving her the impression I was not there yet until finally her party arrived I went to a high spot I could watch from, as the night went on she was clearly visible her bleached blonde hair telling me where she was although I had to be careful as blonde is the in thing ! any way I watched her laugh and joke with her friends and noticed she was on the wine so she would definitely be horny as she rarely drinks.

A few of them got up to dance pulling Babe with them first just shuffling her feet but one of them decided to shake her arse daring the others to follow Babe finally let her hair down watching what the other girls where doing she slid her skirt up her thighs opening her legs more all the girls now squealing as they danced but then a guy jumped behind one of them and rubbed his groin against the girls arse she immediately pushed back into him so he gripped her hips and pushed into her harder making all the girls scream one by one the girls got a guy to dance with well fuck with and slowly there was only three left.

Babe and her friends never noticed as they where bumping of each other until a guy jumped in behind Babe moving behind her till he started to grind his hips into her sexy arse Babe looked over her shoulder at the guy now gripping her hips pulling her into him I watched as she started to shake her arse back onto his loins grinding herself against him, her hands raised up to her head sexily running her fingers through her hair still looking back over her shoulder at the guy who must now be as hard as fuck I looked at her face it went from a laugh to a look I knew well as her mouth opened before her lips pursed she looked back at the guy again her mouth again open she let her arms go behind her pulling him into her with a look that told him she wanted fucking.

His cock must have been rubbing hard against her cunt and I knew she would be wet by now then suddenly the music finished with screams of more from the dancers, she came up from her bent over position and as she turned to follow the girls he spun her round pulling her to him kissing her hard her body seemed to melt into his her arms raised around his neck as she kissed him back I could see her mouth opening wide as they tongued each other, his hands slid round her arse pulling her to him I then noticed her legs part as his hand slid between them just then the music started again making Babe pull back she looked at him and I knew she wanted him holding his hand she led him to a dark part of the bar at the back of the room where she lent against the wall pulling him to her.

I moved around a bit more to get a clear view of them she just raised her arms around his neck her mouth already open her tongue ready for his kiss but just then she stopped him to take his hard cock out pulling him to her I could just about see her hand wanking his cock as he bit into her neck his hand starting to rub her cunt mound she must have groaned as her mouth opened wide so I knew he was fingering her hard, his other hand moved to open her blouse to free her tits roughly pulling them from her bra his head dropped onto her tits sucking her nipple hard between his teeth she must have squealed but nobody heard her as he became more rough with her, it was then I was just about to move in when she gripped his hair hard pulling his mouth from her tits to her mouth she kissed him deep her mouth forced open wide by his tongue she gripped his head and raised herself up his body and I knew his cock must be close to her pussy lips he pulled her arse up higher her thighs opening wider she bit into his neck and I knew he was inside her.

I watched her pant as he began to fuck her against the wall her legs around his thighs his hands gripping her arse pulling her onto his cock hard, he moved his body so I could see her tits bouncing with each length he gave her she must of been groaning but the music drowned her out, his cock began to really pound her cunt her mouth open wide her moans going un heard her eyes now wide open as her orgasm must have hit her he banged into her time and time again before he gave a long hard thrust into her cunt holding his cock inside her while he shot his load deep into her she began to grind her cunt mound into his loins wanting more but the guy was done he'd shot his load and moved away leaving her against the wall her tits out her skirt around her waist juice running down her legs.

I moved over to her she looked so fucking sexy her tits clearly on show for me to see her cunt oozing her love juice down her legs I leaned into her to ask if she was ok she just grinned and said are you going to fuck me now Babe I'm so horny she groaned, I just said here or some place else she said take me some place else so I cleaned her up dressed her and we went outside walking down the street she suddenly realised she'd left her bag in the bar and ran back to get it, the bar was by now starting to empty so I just strolled back looking for her inside Just then she came out of the ladies chatting to a woman I'd not seen before but she introduced me to her and told me she was an old friend from back in the day and by that I realised she knew her from when she was with her first husband who I knew she went swinging with so I said all the polite things not to let her know I knew haha ! but that's another story ...... to be continued