5 Apr 2016


We entered his apartment still recovering from our last session in the alley way Babe her dress sticking to her sweating body it looked so fucking horny her tits and nipples pushing against her wet dress it clung to her body down between her legs showing her cunt mound it creased between her arse cheeks her wet thighs making her dress ride up higher with every step she took she stopped in the middle of the room between the both of us we just stared at her she looked like she had been in a wet T'shirt contest, her hair dripping onto her body her face glowing with droplets of her sweat running from her she looked at me smiled and bit her lip again telling me she wanted more.

The guy asked if we wanted some drinks she just said water please so he opened his fridge door and moaned saying that was nice and cool he pulled his cloths off and just stood there naked, Babe started to pull her dress up but it was so wet it stuck to her body like a second skin I moved to help her from behind the guy turned and came to help still holding the water we rolled her dress up higher she raised her arms up making her tits thrust at him her nipples stood out like bullets he just bent down taking one in his mouth nipping it between his teeth making her gasp for breath and moaned telling him mmm that's nice as I took her dress higher to free her arms moving in behind her I ran my hand around her and down to her swollen pussy lips running my fingers up and down her cunt lips her love juice running down my fingers I pushed three fingers inside her making her legs spread her legs buckled her arms dropped behind my neck pulling my head down to her neck she turn to playfully bite my ear whispering she wanted more, I felt my body stiffen my cock grew harder as it pushed against her arse, the guy came up from her tits taking a big gulp of water from the container before he raised it above her mouth she opened her lips expecting a drink but he just poured it over her face then down her body making her squeal, I swear her nipples grew twice the size in a second as the water slowly ran down her body to my fingers still thrusting into her pussy I swear she was that hot the water was bubbling into her skin.

Her legs gave way her arms tightened around my neck she raised her left leg around his waist pulling him between her open legs taking his length with ease into her dripping pussy, I wrapped my arms around her chest taking her tits in my hands mauling them pinching her nipples hard he pulled her other leg up over his arm as he began to fuck into her, she began to whimper as his speed increased her arse bucked hard back into his thrusts his balls slapping into her hard she stiffened as another orgasm hit her, her head turned into my neck her teeth gently biting me as she squirmed her body into his moaning and grunting her hips bucking back at him her thighs pulling him deeper inside her, she groaned hard her body now like a board taking his last few thrusts into her cunt before he came ramming his cock deep into her holding it inside her as his balls twitched his last drops of his seed inside her.

Her legs opened freeing his body from her, her feet touching the floor I pulled her limp body back into me till still weak at the knee's so I carried her over to a settee laying her gently down she looked up at me blowing me a kiss as he gave her a glass of cool water his cock slowly going limp still covered in there juices, he said we could shower if we wanted to but she had to recover first so we just chatted for awhile drinking loads of water to refresh our bodies before she stirred and said a shower would be nice so he led her to the bathroom and turned the shower on for her, I sat there sipping my water for awhile then went after them walking in to find her on her knee's sucking his semi hard cock the cool shower flowing over there bodies but I could sense there was not a lot of energy in there efforts, I stepped into the shower with them pulling her to her feet and gently started to soap her body gently caressing her all over before she turned around gently leaning into my body kissing me softly she felt like silk all soft and smooth to the touch, she pulled away and gently soaped my body first then turned to soap his pausing holding both our cocks pulling them then pushing our foreskin back and squeezing our heads in her hands with a little bit of mischief in her eyes saying she needed a rest.

We sat down all of us naked looking at our sodden cloths still on the floor he got up placed them in his bath and rubbed them through by hand before he went down to the laundry room putting them in the dryer we laughed as he walked back in still totally naked not a care in the world, he made us a coffee and sat with us he on her right and me on her left she gave a sexy mmm saying two sexy men all for me mmm and laughed, we finished our coffee's before he asked us to join him in his bedroom we looked at each other she bit her lip again so I just pulled her up and walked her into the bedroom to be greeted by him laying on his king sized bed gently pulling his cock back to life she crawled onto the bed kissing up his leg till her mouth found his cock she pulled his foreskin back taking his head deep into her mouth her head began to rise and fall as she got her rhythm her hand gripping his balls tight, I looked at her with her arse in the air kneeling on the bed my cock in hand I walked behind her rubbing it up and down her slit her lips felt hot with all the cock she'd had from us I held my cock she moved back slowly wiggling her pussy onto it once my head was inside her I slid into her giving a low groan as I felt her pussy grip my cock till he juices began to flow again I climbed onto the bed with her between my calves and fucked down into her making her take me at a steep angle my cock fucked into her G spot hard as I lost it and started to ram her harder, I watched him grip her hair with both hands as he fucked up into her mouth her saliva all over his cock she slurped when he pushed in and it popped out before he pushed her head down making her choke a little before her mouth opened wide letting him ram his cock hard into her till he pushed her head hard down as he came in her mouth, she pulled away gasping for air his cum oozing from the sides of her mouth she held his cock up and sucked one of his balls into her mouth making him raise his knee's up, I carried on pounding down into her cunt till she freed his balls burying her mouth onto his thigh I heard her grunt with every thrust I gave her my balls started to twitch as I came inside her I slammed into her holding my cock deep inside her cunt till she squealed into his thigh as she came my head nudging her deep, her juices with mine began to ooze from her pussy, I pulled out of her dropping to me knee's taking my cock in hand and rubbed our juices up and down her slit.

I lowered my mouth over her bum my tongue darting into her hole before I went down her slit lapping our juice from her I buried my mouth over her swollen clit sucking it deep into my mouth my tongue lapping at it before I nibbled it between my teeth making her squirm her cunt back onto my face, I licked back up her pussy sliding my tongue once again into her bum before I pulled away holding her with me till she lay between us both all of us panting and gasping for breath, after awhile I spooned up behind her and whispered its getting late Babe shall we say good night but silence was all I got back as she had fallen asleep in my arms haha I smiled as I realised how many times she had been fucked today ? I must admit I'd lost count but I do know she loved it and so did I..........