6 Apr 2016


We had all fallen asleep after our fuck session had ended in the early hours I slowly heard noises outside as I rose up in bed Babe still curled up alongside me but no sign of our fuck buddy until I heard screams and laughter from out by the pool and his voice shouting to somebody in Spanish I suddenly realised I had no clothes on then remembered he had taken them to be dried, the door opened and in he walked still naked laughing I said I heard a scream he smiled and said his neighbour had caught him outside naked and chased him with a wet towel I laughed at him and ask do you always go naked he said only when I'm horny.

He laid the clothes down and asked if I wanted a coffee a voice from the bedroom said yes please we smiled and walked into see Babe sitting up trying to cover her assets so to speak no no no he said you must not hide a thing of beauty he walked to her and playfully pulled her arms away holding them wide so we both could see her, Babe pulled her legs up to her chest and tried to cover herself but he rolled her over playfully wrestling with her his grunts and her groans of laughter as his hands mauled her naked body made her ask me to save her I said you seem to be enjoying it Babe so I looked on as I could see she was having a laugh with our host, it wasn't long before his strength got the better of her I watched her slowly submit letting him force her arms above her head then his left knee forced its way between her closed thighs she fought playfully back squealing at him to stop but I could tell she was enjoying it to the point it made my cock stir to life he held both her wrists freeing his left hand allowing him to stroke down her neck to rest on her breast's slowly caressing them making her nipples spring up hard, he looked down her naked body and I could see he wanted her again her thighs relaxed opening slightly his knee pushed up her legs higher till it rested on her pussy mound and slowly nudged her lips apart, Babe replied by thrusting her clit hard against his kneecap slowly sliding her cunt up and down it leaving a trail of her juice on his knee.

He moved his hand down her body till his fingers came to rest between her pussy lips he pushed hard against her clit making her catch her breath, she looked over at me her eyes glazed her mouth open gasping for breath as he finger fuck her clit slow and hard his knee still pushing up into her pussy her cunt trying to take it all up her as she thrust against it hard forcing her lips to spread over his knee, my cock was now like a rock my blood pumping into it fast as I watched my woman being playfully seduced by a guy we only met last night but had already fucked her several times, I held my cock and slowly stroked it as I walked over to them on the bed laying down next to her Babe still being seduced by his hands I leaned over her right tit taking and gently sucking her nipple between my teeth making her gasp her hand came down resting on the back of my head and pushed it hard against her tit I opened my mouth to suck in as much of her tit inside gently biting her flesh still sucking I pulled my head away fast nipping her nipple between my teeth as it came free, she whimpered as my mouth buried itself over her tit again doing the same thing several times making her moan and squirm her body.

I looked down her body to see him crawling between her open legs burying his mouth over her cunt mound his teeth nibbling her clit before he started to tongue her slit his breathing was loud and rapid she began to face fuck him her juices running free over his face till she shuddered her orgasm hit her she pushed her cunt mound hard against his mouth her legs closed tightly around his head forcing his mouth onto her cunt her groans becoming louder both her hands now on the back of his head pulling it hard against her he rose up onto his elbows his head still clasped tight between her thighs his grunts muffled by her pussy as he lapped up her juices slurping it in as his teeth rubbed against her clit she rolled into me biting my shoulder her screams of pleasure went through me in a strange way making me want to force my cock between her cunt lips and bang her hard my hand pulling hard on my cock I rose kneeling close to her head my cock inches from her mouth she held my balls sending me over the top my cum shot over her face her mouth swallowed my head as my balls twitched my juice into her till it oozed from the corners of her mouth before she gulped it down, I rubbed my head over her face coating it in cum then into her open mouth her tongue licking it clean till I pulled away still pulling my cock wanking the last bit from it I rubbed it into her tit before I lowered my mouth over it tasting my cum mixed with her sweat.

Again we all lay there panting for breath our hands roaming and caressing she slowly rubbing our cocks his still standing proud waiting his turn, Babe looked fantastic her bronzed body glowing and glistening with her sweat turned her attention to his cock pulling him up towards her mouth he rose to his knee's till his head nudged between her lips his hand pulling it faster his head a deep purple with blood growing with every pull his face became distorted his breath came in short pants he growled then grunted as his cum shot over her lips and face, she pulled his head over her cum splattered face before she licked him clean her tongue lapping over his head like a cat with milk she cleaned him, I looked down at my woman who had taken two men for hours and hours and still she wanted more.

We finally had our coffee showered and sadly dressed telling him where we where staying and if he fancied meeting us again we only had two days left of her cock holiday so hoped to see him before we left, we walked out past the pool area before he left us at the gate kissing her and playfully groping her sexy body laughing as he said goodbye, we walked down the avenue till we knew where we where and strolled home talking about our sexy night Babe asking me if I was ok with it I just pulled her to me kissed her hard and said ask my cock at which she laughed and said mmm I can feel you Babe if that's what you want its fine by me giving me a dirty laugh, we decided to have a pool day saving our last full day for the dunes mmm......