18 Mar 2016

After waking the next morning her sex play with the two Norwegian guys now a horny memory I looked down on her laying naked on the bed her body now turning a nice brown her nipples standing hard, her legs slightly open her pussy lips a bit swollen after such a pounding now folding outwards, her slit still moist with her juice and yes my cock starting to rise as I looked at her, I lay between her legs and kissed her pussy slowly forcing my tongue between her slit tasting her salty love juice once again before she stirred from her sleep, she lowered a hand onto my head gripping my hair as she began to push her cunt onto my mouth groaning mmm that's nice her thrusts now becoming more urgent as she fucked her cunt into my face her juice oozing from her as she stiffened her thighs holding me into her she twitched several time as her orgasm hit her, then her grip eased her legs opening allowing me to kiss her mound and the inside of her thighs spreading her cum over her.

I slid up her body kissing her as I went pausing over her tits before I sucked her right nipple into my mouth nipping it between my teeth making her hiss hard as she pushed more of her tit into my mouth, her thighs slid round my back pulling me into her my hard cock finding her slit with ease, I slowly pushed between her lips her juice coating my cock as I began to slide balls deep into her she groaned again pulling my head from her tit up to her mouth her tongue darting into my mouth her breathing panting as her pussy began to milk my cock her arse now pumping her cunt into my loins harder as I slammed into her, she growled at me to fuck her harder her teeth gritted as she squealed with each length I gave her I felt my balls twitch as I exploded inside her, she kept pumping her cunt onto my cock draining my balls of cum her body again stiffened as a second orgasm hit home.

We fell apart our bodies dripping with sweat and love juice both panting for breath as we came down to earth, we cuddled up to each other kissing and feeling each others bodies, she looked at me saying thank you for yesterday babe I enjoyed myself so I said do you want more babe her eyes lit up a groan from deep within her gave me the answer. We had breakfast packed our beach gear and set off for the dunes about 10am we found a nice spot in the dunes with bushes all around us and set up camp, she was naked in seconds she was commando under her top and skirt making me remark a sexy mmm, once we settled down for some sun we creamed our bodies all over each creaming the others pussy and cock we stood there me fingering her cunt with cream and her wanking my cock hard before we both laughed and lay down.

We got the rays till about one pm with no sign of anybody so we both strolled to the top of the sand dunes around us looking for signs of life she noticed a few groups here and there saying its quiet today babe shall we go back to the complex for a drink and swim I held her close pulling her hot body into me saying whatever you want to do we will do it and kissed her, we turned to go back down the dip and to our surprise there was a woman laying her towel down opposite ours we said a polite hello as she turned and smiled back at us saying do you mind me next to you in broken English at which babe said she would be better this side of the dip as the sun was coming around she nodded and pointed to a spot next to babe.

She stripped naked before our eyes to reveal a sexy middle aged woman's body well bronzed and well at ease with us being there naked with her, we all settled down again with the idea of leaving now past as the two ladies began to chat about this n that then they whispered and laughed so I sat up noticing babe leaning close to the woman whispering into her ear her hand resting on her knee, then a little giggle and I knew they must be exchanging naughty bits of info I coughed and said laughingly what's so funny oh nothing said babe as she lay back down between us the other woman still sitting up along side her, I moved closer to babe saying she had sand on her and slowly started to brush it off her body making the other woman say you are both happy with each other I see we smiled and said yes, she pointed to babe the sand on her thigh saying do you want no sand and gently started to brush the sand away moving down to her calves then moved to the inside of her leg gently brushing away the sand and slowly up to her knee, I felt babe twitch moving her own hand up towards her breasts brushing away the sand till her right hand moved over her right nipple her fingers flicking the sand away making her nipple stand hard before moving over to her left breast to do the same, I looked at her as she lay there her eyes closed her tongue licking her lips and I knew she was horny.

I looked at the other woman who was also looking at babe then I noticed her hand slowly moving to the inside of babes thigh making her open her legs allowing her hand free access and that was all she wanted as her hand slid up her thigh before resting on her pussy mound, she looked over at me I smiled back as she lowered her body close to babe there lips meeting gently before there tongues began to play, I felt babes hand slide over towards my cock and slowly began to play with me I leaned over her left tit sucking her nipple hard into my mouth, I heard her gasp as the woman pushed her fingers into her pussy I pulled away as babe moved her hands up to embrace this sexy lady giving her pleasure pulling her into a hard embrace there tits began to rub into each other nipples standing waiting for the next move, I placed my hand on the back of the other woman before slowly sliding down to her arse cheeks feeling her soft and warm as she began to thrust her pussy into babes thigh her juice leaving a trail as it moved harder into her, my hand found her slit my fingers probing for her lips her juices moist and warm oozing from her cunt I pushed two fingers into her making a squelching sound as her pussy began to rock back onto my fingers.

There breathing was now deep with horse like grunts coming from them as they both began to grind into each others body I rose up behind them and slowly pushed my cock into the other womans pussy her mouth now open babe bit into her neck playfully her cunt thrust back up to meet my thrust trapping her body between us I felt babes fingers start to play with her clit making the other woman grunt and groan with every length I gave her, I felt my balls grow heavy and twitch as I came deep inside her pushing hard into her gripping her thighs hard pulling her cunt hard back onto me, I could feel babes fingers working on her clit faster and faster as the woman buried her mouth back over babes before she finally came grunting and twitching her cunt hard onto babes fingers.

I rolled off them leaving them still tonguing each other there bodies grinding against each other, babe rolled her over so she was on top still fingering her cunt pulling her love juice out then rubbing it into her pussy, the ladies fingers found her pussy first fingering her self then pushing them deep inside of babes pussy then up to there mouths before they both licked them clean, this went on for a few minutes then I heard the lady say do you want more ! babe just pulled her head down kissing her with a deep open mouth, she rolled over to her bag and to our amazement pulled out a thick two way flexi cock first pushing it into her own cunt lubricating it with her juice then taking it out before pushing it deep into babes pussy lips till she whimpered as it hit her limit, I watched as this sexy woman slid up babes body till she took the other end of the dildo deep inside her pussy gripping the shaft and began to wank it up her cunt then babes cunt slowly building her speed till both women where thrusting there cunts hard onto each thrust, babe gripped her tits hard mauling her nipples as she ground her cunt hard onto the dildo pounding her, the other woman now in control began to order babe what to do next first telling her to pull hard onto her nipples pulling her tits up before pinching her nipples hard making her squeal each time she done it next ordered babe to finger her clit firstly she pulled open her cunt lips to reveal her clit then began to flick it hard making babe whimper then groan with lust as this sexy woman brought her to another shattering orgasm.

Babe now climbing the walls as they both gave as good as they got she thrust hard against the dildo still rubbing her clit mound the other woman now near herself began to grunt and groan as she rammed the dildo into each pussy, I was in heaven as a voyeur looking at two sexy women fucking the life out of each other my cock in hand stroking myself first to cum was babe she shot a load of jizz out of her cunt covering the other womans hand and dildo splashing onto her cunt mound sending her over the top as a deep hard orgasm hit her, both women now pushing hard and deep onto the dildo panting gasping for air there cunts still grinding into each other till they both collapsed slowly letting the dildo slide out as there juice oozed from them.

Babe was the first to move pulling a leg of the other lady over hers she held it on her shoulder then began to move her cunt mound up there legs till it began to rub her clit onto the other womans clit and slowly grind there mounds hard together mmm man what a sight as these two sexy ladies made my cock was bursting again as they both rubbed hard there juices mixing together as they twitched there cunt mounds against each other, I stood up cock in hand pulled babes head back by her hair she knew what was coming as her mouth slid over the end of my cock taking me deep I began to face fuck her looking down at two sexy women grinding into each other, I groped babes tit hard pinching her nipple between finger and thumb till she began to whimper her orgasm close I pulled my cock out falling to my knees over the other woman head and began to wank hard onto my cock her head rose up to take me inside her panting mouth sucking my cock hard into her mouth I let loose shooting my jizz over her mouth neck and tits, babe squealed as she held her mound hard onto the other womans cunt mound her orgasm again very deep I pushed my fingers between there mounds and finger fucked her clit till she to came hard grunting as her cunt trapped my fingers between there mounds Babe grinding against my knuckles her juices flowing while I slid my fingers into the womans pussy every time I slid in and out Babes clit fucked my knuckles while I finger fucked the other woman mmm.

When we came down to earth I rolled away allowing these two very sexy women to caress, feel, touch, kiss hold each other close till it was time to leave, we found out she was German but had lived many years in the UK but now the call of the dunes made her settle in the hills above Maspalomas man what a place I said the two ladies looked at each other and giggled, we parted saying we were here for another week and hoped to see her again before we left at which she just looked at babe and said mmm yes please, on our way back babe looked up at me and said she was still cumming can we see her again I smiled and said can you fit her in between the two Norwegian cocks you like she just growled a yes back at me we both laughed and strolled back to our villa with me saying and its only our first week babe xx.....