Written by willy

23 Jul 2007

Let me tell you about my ex who said she only done it for me but when she tasted strange cock she wanted more and pussy two.We\\\\\\\'d been dogging to a few places in the area and had some good sexy fun from couples to singles taking turns to get between her legs and into her juicey love box \\\\\\\"that always wanted to be played with\\\\\\\" take her although she always said no to single guys she would never stop a guy once she had taken a cock she wanted more.

We had met this scotish couple a few weeks before and fucked till dawn man I was balls deep in his wife when I looked up to she my ex bent over the bonnet of his car with him banging into her pussy from behind with her yelling for him to fuck her harder mmmmmm once she had a cock between her legs she was one slut I tell you,any way we met a few weeks later at a local site it was a warm evening with plenty of action going on around us so not wasting time he got out of his car came into the back of mine pulled his cock out and told my ex to cum sit on it at which she got out of the front and got into the back with him at that point I noticed she had no thong on mmmmmm the dity bitch was dripping in front of me.

Well I got into there car with his woman who was I must add one good looking woman only for her to tell me she had the painters in so she gave me a great blow job instead,but as I looked out I could see my ex sitting on his cock grinding her cunt lips hard into him as he goped her tits roughly bringing her to a shuddering screeming orgasm man she could grind that pussy like no other I\\\\\\\'d ever seen.

It was then I notice two guys standing the other side of the car with there cocks in hand and there mouths dribbling as they watch her getting fucked it was then that the scotch guy opened the back doors so letting them in at which my ex shouted no stop but he gripped her ass hard and pulled her hard onto his cock ramming into her till she wanted more telling him to fuck her harder,the two guys climbed in one gripped her head making her lean back opening up her tits for them to suck and nibble her nipples hard one even sucked most of her tit into his mouth making her open her mouth wide as she let out a low moan,the one holding her head slowly licked up over her tits up her neck until he was giving her a big open mouthed french kiss with tongue\\\\\\\'s deep in each others mouths but to my surprise she put her hand at the back of his head pulling him into her mouth as he tongue fucked her,this let the other guy have more of her body to play with so as the scotch guy was ramming into her he started to finger fuck her glit hard and fast till his hand was a blur she could hold back no longer and came to shuddering climax shooting her juice in big squirts at which the third guy went down on her to taste her love juice this did it for the scotch guy who shot loads into her dripping pussy.

The other guy was still frenching her as the scotch guy pulled out of her and got out the car but to my surprise she lay with her legs wide open wanting more at this invite the other guy climbed between her legs pulling them open even more and slid into her forcing a mixture of her juice and his cum to squirt out all over there loins as her gave her a quick hard fuck which ended with her legs over his shoulders as he banged into her hard and fast as the other guy face fucked her man she was covered in love juice as they both came within seconds of each other.

They both slipped out of her but then went down to there ends and licked her clean,at this point the other woman said to me your wife should take it up as a living so I said to her you should make a great double act together.When I got her home I slid into her swollen pussy for a nice slow fuck mmmmmmmm