Written by willy

3 Mar 2010

Met the Ex a few weeks back by chance she was baby sitting for our daughter and although we parted a bit cold she surprised me by smiling and said hello how are you doing,so after a pause I muttered something daft like oh great thanks and yourself I asked,so she then filled me in what she had been up to since we split not that I wanted to know but after the mundane stuff she then let a few things slip about her friends mainly men but not to many she said since she was happy with her toys and a lady friend she has become close to.

As time went on we relaxed a bit and had a few laughs on things that we had done over the years some good some bad,some sexy things that had happened to her that I was not aware of Oh I said so I was right all those years ago when I was rampant at the thought of you fucking other men when you had been out on the town,She smiled and looked at me and said you still get turned on at the thought of me getting it on with others,Ilooked at her and said YES.

I asked her to tell me what things she had done or been up to over the years but she laughed and said no no no you will end up getting horny and want to fuck me but I said woman Im horny now and want to fuck you just by you telling me you played away behind my back.She went silent and then said she would tell me about the first fun she had had after we got married all those years ago when she was hot stuff and had the guys lining up to take her out.

Well she said do you remember we had no honeymoon but we did go down south for a mini break in a nice hotel that had a saturday buffet caberet dance that went on till the early hours,I said just as I recall I was a bit pissed as we had met up with a gang of Americans on a coach trip,yes she said well as you know I love to dance but you where never into dancing so I was being passed around so to speak but each guy I danced with had a good feel of my body and a smooch to the slow records,one guy even got his hand down my tights but I closed my legs tight I was fucking horney she said and wanted more but not on the dance floor.

I looked over to you she said and I could see you looking around for me so I gave the guy a quick peck on the lips and left him with a pole in his pants ha ha,I laughed and said was that it no no she said after I had sat with you for awhile and had a few drinks with you I asked if you wanted any food from the buffet but you said later so I went to get a snack from the buffet,as I picked up a plate a couple of the Americans said hey little lady hows you doing are we ok for a few more sexy smooches later so I said are you man enough and laughed at them but they looked and said well why dont we go find out baby and took an arm each and walked me still laughing down a darkened passage to the mens room at the back of the room.

I was so silly in them days I just went along with it thinking they would laugh and bring me out but no they burst into the mens room and led me to the far end around a corner where the wash basins where and said well babe here is my man and as cool as you like took his cock out and placed my hand over it,I was dumb struck she said as I looked down and looked at his cock growing in my hand so all I could think of was to wank his cock slowly up and down,the other guy moved behind me she said and slid a hand around me and cupped my tit while his other hand moved up the front of my thigh under my mini dress and moved between my legs till he forced his fingers hard over my pussy making my legs spread wider giving him room to play with me she said.

I said to her I can remember that mini dress it was a very very short halter neck mini that just covered your arse ha ha,she went on I did try to break away but to be honest with a cock now hard in my hand and getting a good fingering between my legs my resistance went out the door as my arse rubbed against the cock behind me as he pulled me onto him while the guy in front of me moved into me and started to french me deep and wild as the two men lost control.

All I could do was enjoy it and all thoughts of you where gone she said,the guys managed to undo the clasp at the back of my neck and my dress fell down to my waist freeing my tits and said please no we must not do this but the guy in the front was gone she said as he dropped to his knees in front of me and roughly dragged my panty hose down revealing my young juiced pussy lips to him as he buried his mouth over my mound and forced my leg over his shoulder as his tongue roughly licked up and between my lips making me groan as he flicked against my clit,I felt his thumb slide between my arse cheeks and up into my pussy then felt more fingers push into me making my juices run as he lapped at my pussy.

I felt the guy behind me bite into my kneck as he gropped my tits hard and pinched my nipples harder and all I could think of was I had never been taken like this before but I wanted more and I got it all be it quick and furious but it was fucking good she said as she looked at me and smiled a sorry but that was the first time and it was so good she said.I asked her did they fuck you and she said yes the guy in front of me stood up and pushed his hard cock into me she said making me squeal out but it was not as good as the build up to it as the first guy came quick inside me and slid his cock out of me the guy behind me just roughly pushed me over the basins pulled my dress over my arse stooped lower to push his cock in me from behind making the first guys spunk spurt out over his pants,he swore at me calling me a dirty little bitch shooting my juices all over his pants,He gripped my hair hard as his other hand slapped my arse making me curse back at him he groaned as his thrusts became longer as his cock slammed into me from behind he pushed me hard against the basin with his body as I felt his cum spurt into me.

He just pulled out of me she said as I watched him wash his cock his mate came up behind me as I was still panting for breath he turned my head and kissed my neck as he slid his fingers into my pussy goosing me making the love juice run down my legs he pushed his hand into my mouth making me spit out as it was the first time I had tasted love juice,they laughed as they left me I looked into the mirror still panting my face glistened with there juices my heart pounding as my breasts rose and fell,my nipples standing out hard,I looked down at my body sweating there juices still oozing from me she said as I slid a finger over my clit rubbing there spunk into it till I felt my body go stiff as I brought myself off in front of the mirror.

My Ex looked at me and said that was the first time I took cock but it gave me the taste for more so when you kept asking me to fuck another guy I already had but you where my man and you fucked me good so when we did play years later it lifted the guilt from me as I knew we both enjoyed it.

Are you upset she asked me I smiled and said no but I am fucking horny ha ha.