Written by willy

13 Jun 2010

Its been awhile since I posted a story about my sexy ex so I got thinking after I read a story on SH about some of the parties we used to attend and the sexy people we would meet on our sexy journey.

We went to many house parties over a few years but there was only a couple that we would return to again and again so this is one account of a party we attended in St Annes so if any body knows the place please get in touch as it would be nice to chat.

Our host J was a gent who just loved to let it all hang out and enjoy the buzz,his partner T was a very special lady who I met up with a few times solo but she was a Lady I took to as a friend as well as a sex partner.

So on this party night it was a cold winters night that made my Ex eager to be warmed up with a couple of stiff brandies in the midst of a groop of couples and soon got in the party mood flirting and relaxing with all.

I liked to watch her enjoy the parties as I had to work a lot of over time to make ends meet so I knew I was not giving her the cock she needed on a regular basis,I stood back from the crowd to get a refill at the bar when I felt a nice warm pair of tits rub against my back as a hand slid around my waist to cup my balls and playfully squeeze them making my arse jerk back into a pussy mound.I turned to see lady T wiping her dress as she had spilt her drink over her ample breasts making me remark let me lick it off T as I lowered my mouth onto her busom and playfully flicked my tongue over her nipples and gave them a nibble making her squeel and slap my head playfully.

I want you to meet a very sexy lady T said as I came up for air to see a buxam lass with fantastic tits bursting out of her basque and I thought to myself I was in for a good nights fun so as we started to chat I glanced over at my wife only to see her glance back and wink so I knew she was ok,T left us to get to know eachother better as she made sure all was well with the party so after the usual chit chat she noticed my eyes kept looking at her sexy clevedge and said do you like them and all I could say was do I as my hand slowly touched her tits and caressed them feeling how firm they where.

She moved into me and we kissed a long sexy kiss our tongues playing with the other as we felt out urges grow stronger for more than just a kiss,my cock stirred as she placed her hand over it and rubbed it up and down then gripping my balls as she grunted into my mouth telling me she wanted to be fucked but she had to go check on her hubby to see he was alright so of she went.I looked over at my wife who was chating to a couple well she was sort of a sandwich between them as the woman was slowly pushing her hand up and down my wifes pussy mound as the guy stood behind her gripping her hips as he pushed his cock into her and whispered somthing into her ear making my wife groan.

My cock hurt as it grew hard in my pants just watching the sexy scene of my wife being seduced by a very sexy couple,the woman moved into my wife as she kissed her forcing her tongue between her lips my wife opened her mouth wide as her breathing became she gave into her lust,she gave the woman a rough sexy kiss there tongues fucking each others mouth,the guy pulled my wifes skirt up over her hips and thrust his hand straight between her legs making her part them willingly as his fingers found her slit and thrust into her making her whimper as he wanked her clit hard and fast taking her breath away as her first orgasm hit her,her head fell back onto him her mouth wide as she grunted for him not to stop,the woman pulled my wifes blouse open as she groped her tits mauling them hard as she pinched her nipples thru her bra.

The guy had to grip her waist to hold her up as she grunted and squealed thru her orgasm,the woman bit into her neck sucking her before she lowered her mouth over a hard nipple,my wife gripped her head and pulled it hard onto her tit as she hissed in pain and pleasure.

I suddenly noticed a crowd had gathered around them and noted all where either groping or wanking or friging another body as the room became alive with moving bodies and the sound of wanton sex of people enjoying themselves.I lost track of time as I watched her loose herself the guy turned her around pushing her legs open as he moved between them she put her arms around his neck as he lifted her up making her legs move around his thighs as he let loose his cock dropping his pants as he went,I could just see him struggle to push her thong aside with his head before he thrust into her dripping cunt with ease as she was oozing love juice after her orgasm.

His hands gripped her arse cheeks pulling her onto his cock as he slapped into her making her squeal with each thrust,I could see he was close as his face contorted as his strokes became shorter he bit into her neck as he gave a long thrust deep inside her as he shot his spunk deep into her cunt making her grind her pussy mound hard back against him.The woman slowly pushed her hand between my wifes legs rubbing her pussy as she stroked his cock still inside my wife before he pulled out,the woman pushed her fingers deep into my wifes cunt and began to fist fuck her from behind as my wife hung onto the guys neck,he gripped my wifes arse cheeks and pulled then wide as his wife forced her hand into my wifes cunt fisting her hard as there juices ran down her hand lubing each thrust she gave my wife till she screamed out as another orgasm hit her hard making her grunt and groan and finally whimper her submission.

They came down to earth as my wife slowly slid down his body placing her feet down before she looked at him to kiss him gentley as a thank you for a great start to a good party.

I will tell you the climax of the party next time.

PS if you know of the parties let me know as they where great nights so thank you J&T xxxx