Written by willy

21 Oct 2008


After our sexy night out with her friend and her man we only met them for a drink a few months later when they also invited there neighbors along to so my ex was not amused as she missed out on getting laid last time because they had disturbed them and made her embarrassed.

Any way we found out that all four of them had swapped a few times and they thought we would join in but my ex wanted none of it so we left them to enjoy themselves ? pity I would have gone for it but not my ex.

When the festive season came around we had a few invites to parties and a couple of works Christmas parties in about two weeks of each other,the first was a friend of hers house party that started in the pub and went on long into the early hours when people started to get to drunk and fell asleep or went home but when the crowd began to dwindle I noticed my ex was having a laugh with a couple of guys who looked at her with only one thing on there minds ? getting inside her nickers so I smiled and went for a refill into the kitchen and got chatting to her friend for awhile.

I went outside in the back garden for a smoke and as it was a chilly night I walked up the path a bit before turning to look at the house,it was then that the light was turned on in the utility room next to the kitchen I noticed a shadowy outline of a man walk in followed by two people very close to each other laughing as they appeared to be playfully wrestling when I heard him say come on you\'ll enjoy taking the two of us on but when the woman screamed jokingly noooo I\'m not like that I knew it was my ex who was obviously turned on enough to let them take her to a quiet part of the house.

I heard a mans voice say your game enough outside on 2 till 10 shift with the fitters but again she laughed and said noooo.By this time I had walked up to the window and looked in just in time to see the two guys take a wrist each and move her back to the wall where the taller guy held her jaw with his free hand and turned her face towards his and started to kiss her open mouthed making her moan,the other guys free hand went straight to grope her tits hard through her blouse making her buttons pop open to her waist,man you could see the lust in his face as he pushed her flimsy bra up over her tits then buried his mouth over a nipple making her squirm and groan into the other guys mouth.

The kissing and tit groping went on for a few minutes before she begged them to stop but they both laughed at her saying she had been begging for it all night so now she was about to get it,the big guy was looking down at her bared tits and groaned I bet your nice and wet by now at that point I realised my cock was as hard as iron as I watched her getting her pay back for all the prick teasing she had given them all night.

The big guy run his hand down her body and between her legs up under her skirt when he growled at her you\'re one sexy slut you\'ve got sussies on as his hand slid up her thighs to her cunt mound his fingers began to rub the length of her pussy lips she hissed you bastards but her legs spread wider allowing his fingers easy entry into her dripping cunt frigging her clit as his fingers went roughly in and out of her.

She gave an open mouthed groan and hissed at him not to stop as her legs gave way as her orgasm hit her,here I was watching my wife getting it on with two guys and loving all of it as my cock screamed for me to release it what a perv I thought to myself as I rubbed and stroked my cock and thought what would I do if they fucked her.

I shot my load against the wall just at the thought of it and looked at my sexy wife being kissed and groped by two horny guys who took turns with her tits and pussy before they both took there throbbing cocks out and rubbed her thighs with there bell ends.They let her arms go as the big guy pulled her to him rubbing his cock against her belly,the other guy stood behind her and lifted her skirt above her arse cheeks and playfully rubbed his cock between her arse,she said no no not there and pulled away taking his hard cock in her hand and began to wank him hard making him wince a bit with each wank she gave him.

The big guy tried to slide into her but he was to tall to part her lips so she then took his cock and began to wank him hard and fast making them both wince and groan as her hands went faster and faster,they both gripped her hands again forcing her down on her knee\'s as both wanked there cocks towards her face the smaller guy shouted he was coming as his cum hit her neck and tits followed a few strokes later by the big guy who shot his load way above her head onto the wall.

I watched her rub there cocks into her tits before she stood up to clean herself down with a towel and I heard them ask her when they could see her but she just smiled and said maybe next time OK.

She straightened her cloths and left them standing there with cocks to big to go back into the party and so was mine so I had another smoke to try and calm my cock down.

My wife came outside looking for me as I stood at the back of the garden smoking she walked up to me and asked what I was doing out here so I said just watching the world go by but then she heard the two guys having a dirty laugh and she turned to see them still in the utility room talking about her she turned and snuggled into me saying shall we go home I\'m horny at which I replied so am I so am I.

I\'ll tell you about the works party next time but it was years later before I got to see her getting fucked although there was a few times she came home with her pussy well stretched and very very wet ? but that\'s another story OK.