Written by willy

11 Apr 2009

Its strange that when we first had sex with others together it was in the open with a group watching us get it on,that was mind blowing to us that we dared to do it let alone let others join in.

I can still remember looking over my shoulder as I fucked a sexy blond on a car bonnet to see my wife bend over to suck a guys cock while another guy fucked her from behind slamming into her arse making loud slapping sounds as she took all his cock up to his loins.

I never got bored of watching her play either at a club or a party or a pub or a hotel or when ever she got the urge to open her legs to take cock or pussy.

I remember when after we had been playing for a few years and had met some great people,we had made a number of good friends who we met up with every few months to party with or they would introduce new friends to us.

As the group of friends grew you never got to bored because you would get invites from friends of friends and so on.

One such invite we got was for a party in Liverpool so as usual my Ex looked so so sexy in a silky black backless mini dress no bra and a skimpy thong that she pulled up so her clit so it would get a rub every step she took mm my cock was hard as fuck as I watched her walk down the stairs stopping half way to spread her legs wide making her dress ride up her thighs so I could see her pussy lips either side of her thong,I asked her if she wanted some cock now but the bitch told me to wait till her pussy had some other mans juice inside her.

Any way when we got to the party we only knew one other couple there so we got a drink and went with the flow having a laugh and joke and chatting,as the night went on and people relaxed with a few wines you could see couples getting closer then touching and feeling each others bodies there kisses getting more intense as the urge for sex grew stronger.

We drifted into the kitchen for some more wine and found about six guys and two women just about getting into it when one of the girls joked to my Ex glad your here there's plenty to go around babe.My Ex replied I hope so as I'm horny as fuck making all the guys give her a load cheer with some rubbing there cocks saying come and get it lady.

It sort of cooled a bit as we got to know each other over a few sips of wine with the odd feel or rub of bodies.

I told the Ex I needed the toilet and left her with our new friends,as I walked up the stairs I could hear the sounds of beds creaking and groaning under the pounding they where taking from bodies slamming into each other,men grunting and groaning with the women squealing as they urged the guy between there thighs to give it to her.

My cock was aching for some fun so I got back to the kitchen ASAP but found just one guy getting a beer so I went walk about looking for my Ex to make sure she was OK,no need to worry as I found her in a back bedroom on her back getting fucked as she sucked a couple of cocks hard as they waited there turn to take her,in between her moans and cock sucking she looked up at me and growled its so good so fucking good making the guy fucking her to grunt as he filled her pussy with his seed.

Her legs wrapped around his back as she pulled his cock deeper inside her his buttocks clenched tight as he shot his cum deep into her cunt making rocking movements rubbing his pelvic bone hard against hers trapping her clit between them,that pushed her over the top as her orgasm hit her hard she began to grind her cunt harder against him grunting at him to keep fucking her but the guy was spent as he collapsed on top of her.

She quickly began to wank the other two cocks giving them a suck so they would be ready to fuck her once the first guy rolled off her,I watched as his cock came out of her pussy making some of his cum to run out of her,her fingers began to rub her clit as the other hand pulled the cock it was holding towards her open thighs.

The guy took his thick cock and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips before he pushed into her making her hold her breath before she hissed that's a nice cock to him as he took his weight off her and began to slowly grind into her,her legs intertwined his as she pushed her clit hard against his grinding motion.

I could tell she was close again as her teeth clenched tight as she whimpered she was cumming please don't stop,the guy slowly ground harder against her clit as he realised the pleasure he was giving her with his cock balls deep inside her and her clit trapped between there grinding bodies.

Her body went stiff as she thrust her cunt up towards him,her mouth wide open in a silent scream until she exhaled her breath in a sultry groan before she whimpered for him not to stop,her orgasm was a slow shuddering one that she kept going for an age until she opened her eyes to look at the man who had taken her to heaven in such a slow hard way she whispered for him to fuck her please fuck me she said over and over as the guy began to slam into her juiced up pussy.

He slid his hands under her arse cheeks

taking his weight again as his cock piston ed into her faster and faster,he bit into her neck making her grip his hair hard giving each other pain forcing them to hiss there obscenities at each other,she met each thrust of his cock with her own thrust making there bodies slap harder and harder into each other,he took his weight on his hands as he pushed off her body as if he was doing a press up but the only thing that was going up and down was his arse as it piston ed his cock harder and faster into her until his orgasm exploded from his balls as he pulled out of her shooting his seed onto her body with the second and third spurt reaching her tits and face,he wanked his cock onto her panting belly as his cock oozed his spunk onto her.

He rubbed his cum over her belly with his cock as she pinched his hard nipples giving him a painful little thrill,he grunted at her that was fucking awesome lady awesome,her pussy was still grinding up to him before he slid off her body to reveal her well fucked body to us all,her pussy oozed there juices as she rubbed his spunk into her body before she started to rub it into her clit mound.

The third guy moved around between her open legs looking down at her as he wanked his cock,she bent her legs up as she opened her thighs for him,he pulled her ankles up bent down and gripped her thighs pulling her towards the edge of the bed she was now trapped beneath him as he began to lean into her his cock inching its way between her pussy lips until it was just inside her then he just fell into her making her take a cock at a different angle made her squeal in pleasure as the air was forced out of her lungs as she took all his weight.

She opened her legs wider bending them at the knees to ease his weight then she gripped his wrists trapping him like a vice as his body adjusted then he began to slide his cock in and out making her juiced up pussy squelch as her juice was forced out soaking his loins with every thrust of his cock into her.

They both fucked into each other as his speed got faster she matched each thrust with her own as this new cock angled into her pussy up against her Gs pot making her mouth open wide at the pleasure he was giving her with every thrust.The position she had him gripped in meant the only part of his body on the bed was his hands and his feet where on the floor with all the rest of his body free to just thrust his cock in and out of her pussy.

She was in heaven I tell you as I stood there wanking my cock waiting my turn to fuck my own wife,I knelt by the bed and slowly slid my hand down her body till my fingers found her clit and began to finger her,she moaned yeah oh yeah baby more oh yeah more fuck me fuck me as I rubbed her faster he fucked her as fast as he could slapping into her open cunt,her pussy made a funny noise as she squirted her love juice three or four big squirts spraying her love juice every where.

The guy lost it as he fell onto her holding his pumping cock deep inside her until he was spent,he rolled off her as I stood over my wife looking at her well fucked body,she panted she needed a break and I must admit she was well and truly fucked.

She lay there her legs spread wide her tits rising and falling as she panted for her breath,her pussy was all red and puffed with the pounding it had taken,her cunt oozed the love juice from her as she looked up at me so I pushed a couple of fingers inside her taking some juice and rubbed it into my head as I wanked over her body and to my amazement the other three guys came and stood over her and began to wank there cocks over her.

She slowly slid her fingers onto her clit and stroked it while her other hand began to squeeze and pinch her nipples making her squirm about on the bed,all four guys where now wanking there cocks harder and harder as they watched her,her legs went wider as she thrust her cunt up towards us,I could take no more as I felt my balls go tight so I just jumped on top of her and thrust my aching cock balls deep into her making her scream as her orgasm hit her.

I only lasted about four deep thrusts into her cunt before I shot my load deep inside her pussy but when I rolled off her the other three guys knelt beside her on the bed and shot there loads all over her tits,man what a sight seeing my wife covered in jizz while her pussy oozed her love juice all over the bed.

I stayed with her until she got up from the bed but her legs where not her own so to speak so we cleaned up said our goodbyes making a few dates before I took her home a well and truly well fucked woman.

You cant beat seeing your wife getting it on with others believe me ?