Written by willy

10 Mar 2009

Although we where never so called hardened swingers but we did like to play both indoor or outdoors whenever the mood took us we played.

I remember the time we went to a local country park well known for its sexy night games and met a couple about mid 40s,after the usual chit chat about how cool it had gone the other hubby said with a laugh why dont you both warm each other up in the back seat and with no other prompting his wife got in the back of my car and said mmmm its a nice big car this and placed her hands over my wifes shoulders in the front seat and slowly massaged her tits.

My wifes buttons began to pop open as she slid her hands inside my wifes blouse and inside her bra and tweaked her nipples making my wife take a sharp breath as she hissed the air in between her teeth and groan ooh thats nice.

I slid my hand onto her leg as she slid back into her seat letting her legs fall open,my hand went straight up her bare leg and onto her moist pussy lips forcing my fingers into her cunt and began to finger fuck her up to my knuckles.

I looked at the other hubby who was still sitting in his car watching the action,he just said Im just the chauffer she gets all she wants and we are happy.

My wife looked at me as she got out of the car and into the back seat and it was then I saw the other wife clearly as my car lights came on inside my car.

She was a very attractive slim blonde with a great pair of tits with no bra on covered by a thin silky shirt with the buttons undone to her midrif,a very slim bare waiste with a micro mini tartan skirt.

She slid over to let my wife into the back coming to rest with her back against the door and let her legs fall wide open,she opened her shirt to show my wife her great tits and pushed them up towards my wifes face as she lowered her mouth over a very hard erect nipple,she gripped my wifes hair hard as she forced her tit hard against her teeth as my wife sucked her tit before she bit her nipple as she pulled her head away making her scream for more more more baby suck me hard.

My cock was rock hard as I watched these two sexy women strip each other naked as they played hard for about an hour,fanny fucking each other hard clit on clit giving them both massive orgasms,they both took turns in control as each went down on the others dripping pussies in a female 69 man there was juice all over the back of the car but the sounds they gave off was awesome.

I got out of the car opened a back door with cock in hand and just slid into whoevers cunt was in front of me slamming in up to my balls with ease,I felt the others mouth on a clit as I pushed in balls deep time and time again until I grunted as my load shot up inside her pussy.

I stood back and watched the other wife tongue my spunk out of my wifes oozing cunt with my wife in turn burying her mouth hard onto the others clit mound making them both squeal and scream again and again as there orgasms hit them.

As they both came back down to earth they slumped together in the back seat but still kept kissing and feeling each other,there fingers sliding inside the others pussy as they took turns to kiss and suck there tits and grope them sometimes hard and then soft just to keep them on the verge of another orgasm.

The other hubby came over and just said to them both you two should go on the stage that was fucking awesome girls.

As his wife got out on my side it was the first chance I had of getting my hands on to her body as she stood up close to me and said your wife is a very very sexy lady and I want more,so do I,I said as I pushed her up against the car making her smile as I lowered my mouth onto hers pushing my tongue inside to taste her love juices as I tongue fucked her.

Man she was a fit looking woman and she felt so taught and lythe as she pushed back against me,she broke away and said maybe next time eh and laughed as she walked over to her waiting hubby.

Before they went they invited us to a swingers party at there friends house and gave us there email addy to make contact ? but thats another time and place.

Tell you next time xx.