Written by willy

10 Nov 2009

Way before we started our sexy way of life my ex always had the knack to get me hard just by acting normal doing every day things.

I can remember one hot sunday afternoon I came home from playing football and had had a few bears with the lads so I just wanted a good roast dinner a hot bath and forty winks.

The aroma from the kitchen told me dinner was on so I shouted I'm home and she shouted I'm upstairs so I threw my bag down and went up to find her bent over the bed changing the bed linen and I could see she had been working and was hot by the damp patches on her top and the shine of her sweat on her skin.

I move behind her as any red blooded male would do gripped her hips and pulled her towards me as I thrust my fast hardening cock against her sexy arse.

She grawled at me to stop it as she was far to busy as she had been late home from work and was running late,I ran one hand up her body to grasp her tits and the other hand went up the front of her mini skirt and slid up her legs to her pussy.

I thrust my fingers along her slit and found her lips already open and either side of her very damp nickers that had been pulled between them as she had bent over.I groaned out to her how wet she was and thrust my fingers deep into her making her stand up closing her legs as she came against me.

My blood was up at the smell of her hot body I realised she had no bra on and the feel of her tits as I groped her,she tried to pull away saying no but I held her body hard to me as I bit into her neck her legs shut tighter as my hand rubbed her slit saying how her pussy felt so so sexy her juices began lube my fingers and I thought to myself she feels like she's just been fucked and her cunt was full of his seed who ever he was.

My mind was working overtime as I pictured her opening her legs to another man and taking his cock and rubbing it against her cunt lips before he thrust it inside her.I had told her before of my fantasy of her getting fucked by another cock but she always said no.

She wriggled free of me and pushed me away from her,I looked at her very flushed face as it was going a very deep red I made eye contact with her but she looked away and tried to walk away so I pulled her to me saying its not like you to turn sex down but then I said or have you already had some cock as your pussy is full of juice.

She pushed me away and walked to the other side of the bed so I followed her asking her had she been with another man she turned and tried to get past me saying she was to busy for sex and if I wanted it I would have to take it.

I went to hold her but she slapped my hands away saying I mean it as she looked sternly at me,I asked her again saying have you been getting fucked at work she quickly replied thats for me to know and you to find out so if you want it you will have to take me as she again slapped my hands away.

She looked at me knowing she had been caught out I looked down at her as she again tried to get away but my blood was up and I went to hold her again pulling her body into me,she began to struggle so I said turn you on being roughed up a bit is this how he takes you.

She glared at me and tried to slap me so I gripped her wrists taking her arms around her back making her tits push into me as I pulled her to me kissing her hard,she broke the kiss saying your going to have to take it if you want it.I said is that the way you want it or is that how he fucks you are you his bit of rough and slap and tickle turns you on.

She called me a bastard as her body wrythed against me as she was getting turned on by the thought of being taken roughly.I held both her wrists in my left hand and slid my other hand up her body taking her face in it as I looked into her eyes she glared back into my eyes as I said you bitch your turned on by it arnt you.

I slid my hand down her wrything body and groped her tits pinching her erect nipples saying to her your a horny bitch look at those fucking nipples,she hissed back at me if you want to fuck me you will have to take me.

My blood was up at the thought of her getting fucked so I ripped open her top and looked at her naked tits rising and falling as she panted at the thought of what was to come.She grawled at me saying go on then take me you bastard,I slid my hand up her skirt feeling her thighs tense together as my fingers gripped her nickers and ripped them from her making her jump.

I looked at her as she glared back at me her breathing was she panted your not man enough to get my legs open like this so I threw her on the bed looking down at her panting body as I pulled my cloths off and fell onto her body,my cock at last felt her hot flesh against it as I slid it up and down her body saying to her this is what you want babe cock and more cock.

I slid my cock against her cunt mound trying to get her legs to open but she forced her thighs together,I again gripped both her wrists in my left hand over her head as I groped my way down her body with my right until my fingers rubbed against her mound and slowly I forced them between her thighs and slid my thumb between her pussy lips and up inside her making her let out a slow groan as I began to fuck her with my thumb.

Her mouth opened as her body responded to her invader between her legs,her eyes closed as she felt her will to resist weaken,I slowly but gentley forced my knee between her thighs with only a token jesture as she parted her thighs my body fell between them.

I looked down at her and said you like it rough dont you bitch as my body slid up her body till my cock parted her pussy lips and then slid inside her with ease as her juices ran onto my cock,I said to her this was my first sloppy seconds,her eyes opened as she wrapped her legs around mine her body rocked back at mine as I started to fuck her.

I shouted at her woman if this is how your going to be when you have two cocks give me more babe your so fucking hot,my body senses exploded as her smell hit me hard of hot sweaty sex with another mans seed still inside her cunt my thrusts became long and hard as I slammed into her making her scream as her orgasm hit her,I fell ontop of her bitting into her neck as my hands slid under her arse cheeks till my fingers began to slide up her other hole making her grunt with every thrust I slammed into her my fingers did the same.

I could feel my cock grow as my sperm shot my load deep inside her she making her cunt milk my cock dry,I slammed into her with a couple of long hard thrusts holding my cock deep in her cunt.with my last thrust I held my bone hard against hers as I ground into her.

She wimpered as she still milked my cock with her pussy,her arms slid around my neck her teeth bitting my flesh with little nips till she panted out that as I come into the house she was upstairs playing with herself thats why she was so loose and juiced up.

I looked at her and said babe that was so good I dont care if it was another cock or your fingers give me more ok.

I slowly rolled off her sweaty body my cock plopped out of her pussy as we kissed wide mouthed our tongues darting deep into the others mouths,she slid her hand onto my cock as her other hand began to slide over her clit till she shuddered another orgasm.

We lay there kissing and caressing each other with me saying it was the thought of her getting fucked by another man that put me over the top but I never got to see her getting fucked till a few years later.

We had egg and chips for dinner as the roast was a bit crispy ?