Written by willy

23 Feb 2009

As this guy gasped for his breath after fucking my wife up against the car,I could still see her cunt thrusting onto his cock trying to get him to keep fucking her but his legs went weak at the knee's as his balls gave one last twitch of spunk into her cunt.

She grunted and squealed her frustation as he lowered her feet to the floor and slipped his cock out of her cunt making a loud sucking noise as the air rushed into her cunt,she started to rub her fingers over her cunt lips till she found her clit all lubed up with his spunk and began to frig herself hard and fast.

My cock was bursting to get into her so I moved between her thighs till my cock was against her,she gripped my cock and rubbed it against her cunt lips mmmman what a feeling it is to rub your bell end into a womans slit while it's still hot and ouzing another man cum mixed with her love juice.

I gripped her arse cheeks bent my knee's and lifted her up and onto my rock hard cock,I nearly came there and then as I pushed up into her making her groan oh baby thats so fucking good oh thats it give me more cock babe I know you like to see me getting fucked so I need it babe I need to be fucked.

My fingers gripped her arse hard pulling her cheeks open letting her love juice run back onto her hole lubing it as my right hand middle finger slid into her arse with ease,she very rarely likes arse play but I could tell by the way she pushed her ring down onto my finger that she was rampent for sex,she was up for it and she got it.

My legs began to thrust my cock hard up into her cunt making her arms grip my kneck as she pulled my head into her neck,I bit into her soft flesh and growled into her neck calling her one fucking sexy slut,she grunted back at me it's what you wanted you dirty bastard now I want more so fuck me come on fuck me.

I slammed into her as her arse and cunt rocked back and forward on my finger and cock,I heard a voice telling me to give it to the slut,I looked at the side of us and the guy was still there pulling his cock back into life as he watched me fucking my wife as hard as I could.

My heart was pounding my brain filled with lust at the thought of all the sexy things I wanted to see my wife do with others that I could feel my balls twitching so I shouted at her I was coming,she started to realy slam her body into me as she hissed no no baby not yet,I stopped my thrusting into her to hold back and let her fuck me,I pushed my finger deeper into her arse making her hiss yes yes oh fuck yes and I knew she was close.

Her arse moved like a piston onto my finger then her cunt would slam back hard onto my cock,she started to hold her breath letting it out with little grunts as she began to come hard,I watched her head fall back onto the car with her mouth wide open,then it hit her making her give slow grunts and go stiff still on my cock.

I could hold no more as I pulled my cock back slowly then slammed it into her hard making the car rock back,her thighs went limp as her legs slid down mine falling open,I still had my finger in her arse so as I slammed into her again I thrust my finger hard into her making her squeal fuck yes,my strokes became I felt my spunk explode from my balls and into her cunt,I rammed my cock as hard and as far into her as I could and held it there till my cock stopped shooting my spunk inside her.

She bit my kneck as I fell against her gasping for my breath,I was spent,my body slowly went limp as we relaxed,I pulled away to gaze at my wife leaning against the car still with her legs open pushing her pussy mound forward as she came down from her orgasm,and believe it or not my cock began to stir as my lust for her returned.

I watched the guy move to her side and place her hand on his hard cock,she looked at him and slowly started to wank him,he thrust his cock at her as his fingers moved onto her pussy lips and he pushed his fingers inside her coating them with her love juice.

He grunted as her hand moved faster over his cock so he pushed his hand into her trying to fist fuck her,he rammed his hand into her up to his knuckles time and time again,she griped is cock harder and moved it faster the harder herammed into her pussy.

I had to join them so I moved next to my wife taking her by the hair and pulling her mouth onto my wide open mouth forcing my tongue deep into her,she responded by sucking my tongue deeper she groaned as my hand grasped her tits and mauled them,I broke are kiss and sank my mouth over her right tit nipping her hard nipple making her curse calling me a bastard but she pushed my mouth harder onto her tit.

The guy was still ramming her pussy with his fingers making her thrust her cunt hard onto his hand till she began to whimper as another orgasm hit her,her head rocked from side to side as she growled at us to fuck her again.

The guy moved to sit on the front wing and sat astride it dropping his pants down as I walked my wife towards him,what a sexy sight it was as I saw my wife cock her left leg over him and slide her pussy lips over his swollen cock head and sank her cunt hard down on him making her hiss at him well do you like what you see is this better than the cam,he just smiled lay back and let her fuck his cock rocking her pelvis up and down his length.

I had to have more so I walked up behind her thrusting arse and took my cock in hand and inched it towards her bum but she said no your to big love so I pushed my head towards her cock filled pussy making her stop as I slowly pushed into her,it was awkward at first as she rocked onto our cocks but as soon as her love juice coated our cocks she was away.

We gave her a good slow double cock fuck making her moan and groan into another orgasm,she asked us to bang her so I pulled out of her and let the guy roll her onto the car bonnet taking her legs over his shoulders as she slide down the bonnet onto his cock.

I was in heaven watching this strangers arse ram his cock hard into her cunt till she was screaming for him not to stop,he tried to hold back but when she thrust back at him he grunted as he shot his load into her,he froze stiff but she kept thrusting her cunt onto his cock wanting more.

He rolled off her so I moved between her legs rubbed my head into the juice ouzing from her pussy and sank my cock into her forcing his cum out of her cunt,Ipulled her legs over my forearms closing them tight gripped her wrists and pulled her onto my cock.

Any man will tell you to fuck a woman with her legs closed is fucking awsome and believe you me it's true as I forced my cock into my wifes tight pussy she could feel my cock more and my cock loved the feel of her cunt muscles gripping my cock even with all the cum she had taken,we fucked like this for a short time as she wanted banging so I made her stand with her legs astride of the front wing laying face down,I gripped her hips as I slid inside her pulling her onto my cock as she slide down the bonnet.

No finess just a rough bang is what I gave her as I rammed into her from behind,her arse rippled every time I slammed her making her tits sqeak on the car bonnet,the guy was wanking his cock close to her face he gripped her hair turning her face towards his cock and shoot his load onto her face.

This put me over the top as I emptied my balls inside her cunt,she slowly moved her arse up and down my cock as she groaned her satisfaction,I pulled out of her as she rolled onto her back and lay on the bonnet,her legs still open her tits heaving up and down and believe me there was a sweaty steam rising from her naked body in the cool night air.

I gave my cock a few more tugs just in case she wanted more but she just smiled and said later.She had a fag as we chated to the lucky guy who asked if he could come again but all she said was see you on cam looked at me and laughed.

Tell you more next time.