Written by willy

20 Feb 2009

I told you all last time about catching my Ex having some cam fun with a guy she had never met and to be fare she looked so fucking horny as she leaned back in her chair with her legs spread open as she frigged her clit and pinched her nipples for this guy to wank over her.

Any way we chatted about him and meeting him for some dogging fun but she said she had to be in the right mood to go dogging so I said lets go for a drink first and go from there as I knew a drink would make her horny.

When the night came she wanted to look sexy but thought she would look like a tart if she wore one of her sexy outfits she normally had on at parties just to go to the pub in,so I said why don't you put on a dress that opens all the way down the front so she could have hold ups on with a skimpy see thru bra and panty set.

I knew she was up for it when she came down the stairs in a dark cotton button up dress with a belt on and said this will do for the pub but this is for afters as she laughed and began to open her dress to reveal a mesh bra a knicker set she had bought that day.

She leaned back onto the wall and run her hands up her body laughing at me as my cock grew hard as I groaned at her calling her one horny bitch,she said come on lets get out before your to far gone so off we went to the pub.

As I was driving I only had a coke or two but made sure she was well kept with booze,all night she had that glint in her eyes when ever our eyes met she would wink at me giving me that knowing look that said I'm going to enjoy this.

We left the pub about eleven and walked to the car park where I gripped her and pushed her up against the car,leaning into her I kissed her open mouthed forcing open her mouth with my tongue,she responded by sucking my tongue deeper into her mouth.

She groaned as I roughly mauled her tits on my way down to her pussy,she spread her legs as my hand slid up under her dress and straight onto her cunt making her push hard onto my fingers as they tried to get inside her knickers,she hissed back at me as her breathing became short with every rub of her clit take me some place I need to take cock babe.

It hurt to let go of her as she panted that she needs cock so I stepped back and looked at my woman again looking just as horny as last week so I grawled at her to get in the car.

I drove the few miles to a spot by the aerodome and found the back lane that led to a car park he said he would be and we parked up and waited,she was moving about in her seat so I said for her to recline her seat and lay back,all I can say she was so hot she started to feel herself up as she squirmed about moving her hips up and down as her fingers slid up and down her cunt lips making her knickers stick between her pussy lips.

I saw something move close by and said we have company but she just kept on gropping herself harder making deep groans as her orgasm started to hit her,I opened her window a few inches so he could see and hear her,her eyes glared at me as she clenched her teeth as she began to convulse into her orgasm.She stiffened as she closed her legs hard onto her hand and gave an almighty shout she was fucking coming.

She held her breath giving short grunts as her hips twitched into her hand as she slowly came down moaning that was so good,she lay still for a minute before I started to caress her body slowly unbuttoning her dress as I went until she lay there her dress wide open her tits rising and falling as she breathed hard as she waited for the next move.

I leaned over her to kiss her softly and said do you want cock babe and her answer was to open her window right down to give the guy access to her body as I kissed her deep,I felt her body twitch as he must have touched her,I leaned back to see his left hand rubbing the inside of her leg slowly stroking up until he touched her pussy.she groand mmmmm thats nice give me more.

I looked at him as he thrust two fingers inside her cunt lips frigging her sloppy cunt hard as he wanked his cock outside the car,I said again did she want cock she grawled yes as she got out of the car still with the guys finger ramming into her.

I got out and went around to her side of the car to see her leaning back against the car the guy still frigging her hard as he bent to suck her tits hard into his mouth,she gripped his hair hard forcing him onto her tit,her left hand found his other hand still wanking himself so she just spread her legs wider and pulled his cock towards her cunt lips.

She held aside her knickers as the guy struggled to get between her thighs with his cock,fuck it he said as he gripped her arse cheeks with both hands and lifted her up till his cock rubbed against her pussy lips,the poor guy was frantic trying to enter her so I put my hand between them pulling her knickers off her legs letting his head slide between her cunt lips and into her glory hole fucking her deep on his first thrust.

No finess just a good hard rough fuck is what she wanted and thats what he gave her till he groand and shot his load into her until his movements stopped but she wasn't done yet as she hissed she wanted more ? and more is what she got.

To be continued /////////