Written by kate

9 Feb 2012

I've been having a casual relationship with a man for about 5 months , he's older than me , 10 years older and boy does he know what he's doing. We meet about once a week or once a fortnight , quite often a friday , sometimes we have the whole evening , sometimes only 1/2 an hour , a couple of weeks ago he turned up at my door on my day off , i buzzed him up to my apartment and opened the door , i usually dress up for the occasion but as this was unexpexted i was just in casual clothes , he kissed me and led me into the living room , lay me down on the sofa and removed my pants , he spread my legs wide and slowly and gently began to lick my clit , building up speed he licked harder and slid his fingers into my wet aching pussy , i was so wet and soooo horny , he fucked me hard with his tounge till my cum was gushing over his face , he stood up , kissed me and said he had to go ....... when he left i felt like i'd had an out of body experience , it was amazing , totally unexpected and satisfying !!!!

Tomorrow we have another date and i plan to return the favour , i have a sexy outfit planned , nice underwear , stockings and heels , when he knocks on the door i plan to open it wearing only lingerie , close the door , push him up against it slide down to my knees , slowly undo his belt and slide down his jeans , cub his balls with my hand and place my soft plump lips around his big hard cock , i'll suck his cock and balls till he cant take it anymore , ill tell him how horny he makes me and that i want to taste his cum in my mouth and feel him explode on my face , he wont be able to take it any more , pulling my hair tight and forcing my face down onto him , he'll moan we pleasure as his juices flow from deep inside.