Written by kerastace

7 Apr 2008

I have lusted after my sister in law for years but never got the chance to do anything as she lives 200 miles away and my wife was always around when we saw her at the odd christmas or New year party.

I\'d had the odd snog with her at a party but nothing more.

She is 35, long blonde hair, 5\'8\" very sexy looking with small boobs, slim and long sexy legs.

3 weeks ago she called my wife asking if she could come stay for a week as her hubby was going abroad on business.

My wife told me she was coming and said she had told her I could keep her company as I work at home and could take her out for lunch. The thought of being alone with Olivia started to give me an erection, my wife works in the city and leaves every morning at 7.30am getting back around 6pm.

I went and picked Olivia up at the rail station next morning and drove her back to our house in the country.

I told her I would take her to lunch around 1pm

so she went to have a shower and get changed.

when she appeared she was wearing a black top and jeans, taking here to a local pub I got lunch and bought a few drinks, after a few more drinks I told her she was looking as sexy as ever but I thought she would look sexier in a skirt, we just chatted and as we left she give me a quick kiss as a thank you for lunch

mmmmmmmm she tasted sweet.

The next day I called her to come to lunch

she came down stairs wearing a shortish denim skirt with a zip up the front and a sort of cheesecloth tight top that was quite see through, which showed off her bra and small boobs to perfection, giving me a smile she asked if I approved, I told her I most certainly did and that she looked very sexy.

We went to the pub for lunch, this time I sat next to her on the couch seat, got the drinks and order a light lunch, after we ate the food

we started chatting and I slowly turned the chat sexy, I said I thought she had lovely legs

and they would look even sexier if the zip more open on the skirt, she gave me a little smile and reached forward and pulled the zip almost to the top of her thighs, saying \" do you like that better\" telling her her legs were fantastic, I put my hand on her knee.

if was almost as if I had touched a hidden button, she uncrossed her legs and opened them about 5/6 inches.

I slowly slid my hand up her thigh as I did she gave a little soft moan and turned her head round and kissed me, I got an instant hard on, we snogged for a few minutes and I asked her if she wanted to go back to the house, she said yes, when we got into my car

we spent about 10 minutes kissing and touching each other she was really hot and then said \"lets go back o the house\"

We were hardly in the door when she threw her arms round my neck and started kissing me

putting her tongue in my mouth.

We got through to the bed room and she took her skirt and top off leaving her tiny bra and a thong on and laid on the bed, I quickly stripped and joined her, I removed her bra and her small boobs were lovely with big nipples sticking out, I started to suck and lick them

and she began making little moaning sounds, sliding my hand down I started stroking her pussy throught her thong, she was very wet and was moving her hips up and down, taking her thong off, I put 2 fingers into her pussy and she grabbed my hand forcing my fingers deep inside her.

She was moving her hips up and down moaning lounder and louder then said I need you inside me \"fuck me fuck me now\" I moved between her legs and slid my cock straight into her, she was like a wild thing pushing up hard against my thrusts and moaning quite loudly each time,

she then pushed me off and climbed on top of me

taking my cock she put it straight inside her soaking pussy then started to bounce up and down on me harder and faster every time,

she kept saying fuck me fuck me harder, untill she screamed \" I\'m cumming I\'m cumming\"

I shot my load into her as well.

We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking,

with me licking her clit which drove her crazy

she sucked me hard again and turning her over I got her on her knees and fucked her doggy style, she was like a bitch on heat wanting more and more, which I did my best to give her.

She told me afterwards that her hubby who is much older hadn\'t been near her for months and she had hoped we could fuck when she came to stay as seemily my wife had told her several times that I was good in bed and she said that she agreed with her.

more to come about the rest of the week soon