Written by Billybob

4 Nov 2015

Hi, my first time so excuse me a little. This is something that happened a while ago now but started me off in this great world of swinging & married women.

I was replacing a garden fence for a couple in their 40s, the husband was an ex footballer turned paramedic & the wife was a health worker. It was summer & the weather was hot, it was a 3 day job & Gill would come home at lunchtime to make sure we were ok, she was an attractive lady who clearly enjoyed showing off her legs, the first lunchtime she came home she sat on her sun lounger & ate her lunch whilst reading, using her legs as a rest & revealing a lot of sexy thigh, I couldn't take my eyes off her & she caught me a couple of times looking at her. After about an hour she headed off back to work. The 2nd day I sent my partner off to the merchants about lunchtime just as Gill arrived home, she was again in a short skirt. She offered me a cold drink & I followed her to the kitchen, I followed her in & in a moment she turned round & kissed me, I responded & within seconds we were pulling at eachothers clothes, we didn't make it out of the kitchen, she was practically begging me to make love to her. She was extremely hot & me being fairly inexperienced back then didn't last that long. We spoke for a while then she went upstairs to dress, I dressed & carried on with work, she went back to work but said she'd be home about 4ish. We didn't see her again that day.

The next day I gave my partner another job to do & arrived at Gills house a little earlier hoping to arrange another lunchtime "drink" with Gill, unfortunately her hubbies shift had changed & he was there when I arrived. Gill departed for work looking amazing but could barely look me in the eye.

As lunch arrived I was just planning to head off for a sandwich when Gills hub came out with a drink for me & told me he was off out for a few hours, it if I needed anything Gill would be home soon, Sure enough no sooner had he gone but Gill arrived home, she gave me a long smile & headed indoors, I took this as my signal & followed her in & upstairs, this time she didn't kiss me but slid to her knees & took me in the mouth, again I only lasted moments, but that was her plan, the Sex that quickly followed was long & amazing.

The job ended that day but our meetings didn't & a 3 day fling became an ongoing affair that lasted 17 years all without the knowledge of her husband, it only stopped we were caught by a friend of hers, Gill worried her friend would tell so we ended it.

We didn't see each other again despite living close together but recently I bumped into her in our local town, she had aged very well we exchanged polite conversation for a while & it was obvious the attraction was still there, I followed her to her car, checked nobody was taking notice & kissed her, she kissed me back & gave me her mobile number. Despite being a grandmother she desperately wants to restart our affair.