Written by Genuine Photographer

26 Oct 2015

I wrote on here a few weeks ago regarding a regular lady I use to shoot when I lived up Country, her name was Sue and I must have shot her around 4 or 5 times, all she wanted was more and more sexy photos, I also mentioned her friend Sam who was petite with a lovely figure, that's how I like my ladies petite with a slim body and nice boobs.

So I was working away and thinking about Sue and how I missed not working with her, and would I ever find a replacement here in Cornwall, but at the same time I was also thinking about Sam her friend and how sexy she was and what a great body and shoot I had with her and Sue the last time we met, as I sat sorting out some paperwork for the new house a text came through and low and behold it was Sam, was she telepathic I was thinking, it was just to see how I was and had I got over her tit wank she gave me on the last shoot, of course it all came flooding back and up shot Percy as if I had no control over this one eyed snake at all, so I text back and explained that I had sort of and thanked her for a good shoot, no worries she said next time I will give you much more as it was one of the best times I had had for a very long time, I didn't know having photos taken could be such a turn on she said.

Well it just so happens I have some more business to attend to and how did she fancy meeting up when I was up, great was the reply sounds good to me albeit we will have to meet in a Hotel as she couldn't shoot from home and she didn't want Sue to know she was meeting me, so we arranged a date and would meet at the Holiday Inn in Hemel Hempstead, so it was all sorted to meet 24th Oct.

I have to be honest I was feeling very nervous about meeting Sam, I'm not normally like that, but then I don't get the chance to do many shoots like that either, as I have stated before I always give full respect but Sam wanted some fun, so who was I t say no, I arrived a little before Sam and when she walked in a few heads turned to see this sexy lady walk in, dressed in a short skirt and a very low top exposing those lovely breast, they must have thought what a lucky guy I was to be the one meeting her, we had a quick chat a cup of coffee then off to the room, as I was getting my gear set up I told Sam to stay as she was for the first part of the shoot, I was already feeling very horny I must say, we was shooting away and I realised she had no underwear on, I could see her pussy glistening as she moved around, the she then put a lovely Basque on and stockings her boobs were trying to escape from the top of the Basque, we carried on with a variation of stuff, then she turned and said can I have some shower shots taken, trying not to sound to excited I told her we could, well to see that petite firm body in the shower was something else, especially as she was rubbing body wash on, I was snapping away when she said put the camera down and help soap me up, gulp I didn't need telling twice as I peeled off my cock was trying to get in the shower before me, I nearly fell in the shower with excitement I couldn't believe my luck, now I'm 6' tall and Sam is just 5' tall so as I rubbed the soap in my cock was pushing into her back as I massaged those lovely boobs, with that she turned around and now my cock was in her belly, she took the soap and massaged it, well if you have never done this I would advice you to try it, it was like heaven and she kept looking up at me with a real cheeky grin knowing full well I was loving it, naturally it wasn't long before I shot my load all over Sam, she said well what am I going to do now, she knows how to tease as well.

Then she went down and started sucking my now limp cock but not for long and up it came again, there you go she went as she gave a little laugh, I need some satisfaction now she said so what are you going to do for me, and went Mmmmm and laughed again, I stumbled around a bit and was just about able to speak through all the excitement that I would kiss her wet naked body from head to toe, we went onto the bed and I started to kiss her neck and worked my way down, I was still amazed at how big her boobs were laying down as firm as anything, a nice good kiss and suck on the nipples and Sam was having a groan, then I carried on and went past her wet pussy and down her thighs and she was loving it, then I returned to her now very wet pussy and was giving it all my tongue and Sam was wriggling around and holding onto my head, then she pushed me off told me to roll over and got on top, what a sight 5' tall 36DD boobs and bouncing up and down on my cock, I was thinking I must be the luckiest photographer ever, especially as I would never normally get involved with any model, she was groaning and making all sorts of noises as she cum, we stayed like that for a while and Sam got me hard again and wanted it doggy fashion, when we finished she said I told you I had something special lined up for you, was I a better model than Sue, she then said you can see why Terry likes fucking me can't you, well I had to agree she was the best women I have ever been with, as we left she said let me know the next time you are up, maybe we can do it all again but you can leave the camera in the car.