Written by deanewolf

13 Jul 2014

this is the story of one of the best afternoons of my life , i had moved into a nice terrace house much nicer than the ones i used to rent . my name is chris iam 34 and my next door neighbour was a nice looking blonde mid thirties called sam,

i had spoken to her briefly now and then but she seemed quiet and only made small tlk.

one saturday afternoon she knocked on my door , she said you worked in computers dont you i said yes i do. she explained that her laptop was playing up could i fix it.

i said bring it round i will try,

a few minutes later she was back , she was wearing grey low neck top and jeans .

i soon sorted the lap top and she asked how much was the cost i said its ok.

do you want a drink i asked oh yes please thanks.

we carried on chatting then all of a sudden she leaned forward and kissed me ,i dont really do this she said , iam not complaining i said , she began to undo my trousers and pulled them down, sliding off the settee she began to lick and suck my very hard excited cock.

she stripped to a pair of pink knickers and said to me shall we go upstairs and fuck

off we went to my bedroom and dived onto the bed , she had nice big firm tits , she lay back on the bed and asked me to pull her knickers off ,we carried on kissing for a few minutes i could not wait to stick her , she aske if i had any condoms in the top drawer i said , she took one out unwrapped it and handed it to me .i rolled it on she lay back legs open , fuck me she said and gasped as i entered her , as i fucked her she said several times you wont tell anyone will you ,i have a boyfriend i dont want him finding out no i said , after a short while she was smiling you can take the rubber off if you want i withdrew and slipped the condom off reentered her this time doggystyle fuck me hard said sam as she was shreiking the place down finally i spilled my hot sperm into her.we lay on the bed fr awhile as she was leaving i said are you on the pill oh no she smiled dont worry if i get preggers its my boy fiends right and off she went leaving me thinking it was a day dream