23 Sep 2019

I have written on here about our lodger, Josh. Just to remind you Josh is a friend of our son and josh started fucking me after our son's 18th birthday party, he is a year older. During the three years our son was at uni josh lived with us for the first year and then moved out and came back earlier this year. After uni this year our son moved in with his girlfriend. My husband loves the idea of josh fucking me, often having them both at once and as my husband works away from home most weeks, Josh fucks me and sleeps with me when my husband is away. I still get to fuck other guys and girls but my cunt is very much Josh's.

I am forty five, fit toned and size 10 with firm 36D tits and waxed.

Two weeks ago Josh said that it was his brothers 25th birthday and they were having a lads night and he wanted me to go; I have fucked some of his mates but not met his brother or his mates, I said why do you want me at a guys evening and he just said why the fuck do you think, I will tell you what to wear.

So two Fridays ago, I was give the clothes, after Josh had fucked me. I dressed in a leather micro mini, healed shoes, stockings suspender belt and a leather waistcoat that was low cunt. He bent me over and wrote fuck me on my arse with an indelible black ink pen and BMC over my pussy which meant black mans cunt. No bra or knickers. He order a taxi and I walked to the cab looking a real slag. during the taxi ride Josh kissed and fingered me, I could see the driver watching in his mirror

We got to Josh's brother's house and once in was introduced to Carl and his mates and I was introduced as the slut, he told me they would not use my real name. Carl told his mates this is the bitch that Josh rents a room from, he has 24 hour cunt with this one. Carl pulled me to him and gave me a deep and passionate kiss, tongues joining and playing. He had my top undone and the waist coat was on the floor and soon my skirt too. He was pinching my nipples and turn me round back to him and he was pinching and pulling my nipples, another guy was fingering me and Josh was taking photos the other guys and Josh were stripped and had muscled bodies and large cocks. Carl told me to suck his cock, he stripped and I started sucking his cock, and two other guys were playing with my tits. After a while he pulled me up by my hair and bend me over and started to fuck me, and other guy gave me his cock to my mouth and started to fuck my face; they came and were replaced by the other two guys and Josh still taking photographs and had the video camera running.

I was then pulled onto the settee and two guys held my legs right up and another guy put washing pegs on each nipple and Carl greased my arse and started to enter me when fully in withdrawing and entering me again, he did this a few times until my hole was wide and some photos had been taken then he fully went in and fucked my arse hard when he had cum e was replaced and so on until the five guys had fucked my arse then Carl did my pussy, shouting this white trash has suck a tight cunt; each had me again, then I was picked up and lowered my arse on to Carl cock, and Josh bent me over and entered my pussy and another guy in my mouth' they all changed and swooped for about three hours; we then rested and drank and then they started again. I eventually left just after 1pm on Saturday and was put into a taxi who driver was a mate of Carl and told that the fee was a blow job, luckily he was quite a good looking Asian guy. I still had to walk from the road up the drive and into the house with torn stockings and waist coat and cum on my hair and face and love bites on my neck, tits and pussy area. I had a very long bath and a sleep

When Josh got back later in the day, he gave my husband a memory stick with the photos and video. I was dress in my short silk dressing gown. Josh told me that the guys thought I was amazing and could not believe how sexy I was and he gave me £200, he said they wanted to give me some money, but he kept £200 as his pimp fee, and that now I was a real whore. He kissed me had a grope and we sat and had a drink. That night my husband and Josh and I had a threesome in our bed and we had the video of the previous night on the TV.

They want to meet again maybe next month and they want to invite some other guys, I am game lets see what happens

To those guys that do not think these things happen, they do