Written by umergummeress

20 Oct 2009

This is absolutely a true story and happened in June of this year (09). My wife and I had been neighbours with Al and his wife and after us and they moved away we all stayed in contact, as we didn't move far away. Al had always fancied P and had fucked her numerous occasions, with me encouraging P to have him but it kind of fizzled out. However, I got in contact with Al again and we met up a few times with his wife and I could tell he still fancied P and she told me she wouldn't mind him fucking him again. Anyway this wasn't on my mind as one Saturday as we went out early for breakfast in town. We had a lovely breakfast outside by the river and P said she needed a new dress -- normally I would have stormed off and gone home but it was such a beautiful day I must have been in a good mood and said -- why not -- I'll buy. Anyway after going through loads of shops (I know) we ended up at the last one and after trying on a few she came out of the changing room in one and she looked absolutely stunning and I said that's it!

On the way back home she was fiddling with her phone and I didn't pay much interest until she said, "look at this". The message read, " Come to mine after 2pm" I asked if this was Al to which she replied "yes" -- my cock when hard in a millisecond. She told me she needed a new dress if she was gong to fuck him again. I don't remember the drive home, but I do remember her taking ages to get ready and when she came down she looked truly fantastic in her new dress matching bra and knickers and sunglasses. " OK I'm off now, " she said. With that I watched her drive off - fantastic feeling -- knowing your wife was off to be well fucked.

After a while I went to sit out in the garden, it was a beautiful day and I remember checking my watch and it was 3.30p.m. and I remember thinking she'll be getting well fucked by now -- and she was! When she came home about 4.30 she looked brilliant with a cheesy grin -- we kissed and I asked how it was and she just said "Fantastic!" We opened the Champagne and she told what they did. When she arrived they kissed and Al led her into the lounge where they got into some serious snogging and P felt his hand go up her skirt and rub the outside of her knickers and then he slipped his fingers into her wet pussey, at this time P was rubbing his cock and she told me he was seriously hard. Then Al moved down and put his head between her legs pulled her knickers to one side and dived with his tongue. P told me he was down there for about 20 mins until she felt her orgasm building then when she came she held his head as she pushed her cunt into his face as she screamed out. Then they both got on the floor and P watched as he took his trousers and pants off revealing his hard cock sticking out proudly; then she felt his length sliding into her as he got on top, she kissed him as he began to fuck her and before long she was experiencing her second orgasm and with that he pushed deep into her and shot his cum deep into her.

They then sat outside in his garden and had a glass of wine and P thought - how naughty it was, his wife away, sitting in his house and she could still feel his cum in her!

When she had told me this I couldn't wait to get her upstairs when I did I put her on the bed and pushed her dress up tp reveal her sexy knickers which I pulled down -- they were well stained with cum and smelt of pure sex. I then went down on her, so turned on knowing that he had done this earlier and only a few minutes earlier he had his cock in her and pumped his load into her- she tasted fantastic. I brought her to another orgasm and the went to take her dress off so I could fuck and she said "No leave it on" I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her just like Al. "Yes " was her reply, my God I was so turned on. My cock slid effortlessly into her pussy; I was so turned on I didn't last long and then I felt my jizz coming -- normally I just pump once but I was so turned on I pumped a massive three times into her -- I never have put so much in to my beautiful sexy wife -- it was truly fantastic.

There promises more to come!