Written by SIMON

15 Feb 2007

Last night I felt what its like to really satisfy my lovely wife jo .Hi my name is simon and ive been with jo for ten years ,Jo is 32 short brown hair sexy brown eyes size 10 ,36c tits and a nice tight arse.shes 5"6.I am 5"10 thin and small made my cock is just under 6 inches but is very thin at 4.25 inches around although because im small anyway it dosent look too bad when hard.I like to think me and jo have a not bad sex life 3 or 4 times a week with me nearly always making jo cum with my tounge cock or small vibrator on her clit.I have noticed that quite alot off the time she gets really wet and from her breathing shes not feeling much,so i got some sex toy off the net to beef my cock up a bit, i had a sillocone girth ring and a sillocone sheath .I put some lube on and tryed on the girth ring ring it felt good sliding it on and was a very snug fit making me very hard indeed.I put on the penis sheath a looked at my new sillocone cock holy shit it was huge I couldnt fit my hand all the way around it and the weight off it was pulling my cock down.Was it too much with both toys on at the same time?I measured my new tool the first 4 1/2 inches were the girth ring and the sillocone sheath over it 6 1/2 inches in girth it also gave me a little extra length I was 6 1/4 inches long.fuck it i thought ill give it a try if she dosent like it i can stop i thought.

Last night was the night i was to try my new cock we went to bed early about 8.30 on tuesday night for a pre planned sex session ,jo knew i had bought some stuff but was told it was a suprise and she never said anything about it.We had been fucking for about ten minutes and jo was getting very wet so i said right time to try out the suprize i went to the bathroom and got my stuff on.I was so exited looking at my big thick cock my heart was pounding.Dont look I told her and put a couple of cushions under your bum.Jo was laying on top off the cushions with her legs spread and eyes shut in the missonary position.Here goes I thought and kneeled between her legs holding my heavy new cock it was well lubed up and i rubbed some off it on jo s neatly trimmed pussy i pushed my cock into her she opend her eyes and her face was totaly glowing oooh your massive she moaned with a sparkle in her eyes I had never seen before,will i stop .noooo you will not she sort off hissed fuck me baby ,so slowly i began to put it all in her,I was alittle more than half way in when she grabbed my arse chheeks and pulled my right into her. TO BE CONTINUED