Written by NP

5 Feb 2007

I posted an earlier story of my wife called sexy wife 29Jan 2004 - this is an update on her exploits.We had friends that used to be neighbours but we kept in touch when we moved away as it wasn't too far.P in particular keep well touch with Al as she had fucked him a number of times! We arranged one evening to invite Al and his wife around for a meal, the idea being Al's wife and I were to prepare the meal as we both enjoyed cooking. On the night P looked particularly stunning and took ages to get ready. When we sat down to enjoy a drink I asked P if she was going to fuck Al - she said "maybe" - I knew this meant yes! When they arrived we had a few drinks and then Al's wife and I went into the kitchen to prepare.Shortly P came into the kitchen to say she was going to show Al our new p.c. - oh yeh ! They went upstairs, closed the door and were soon down each others throats, Al put his had up P's skirt and staight away slipped his finger into her wet pussy.P undid his pants to get his hard cock out and gently began to rub him. Meanwhile Al was working away on P's clit and she could feel her orgasm bilding ( P told me Al was the best she had had on bringing her off frigging)- soon P just held on to Al as her orgasm shot thro her.P' then kissed Al and went over to the futon and sat back and as she did she pulled up her skirt and opened her legs - showing her soaking pussy. Al said the he didnt think she wanted to fuck with me in the house and P replied that they should take every oportunity. With that Al advanced with his hard cock sticking out - P just laid back and enjoyed the sensation as her slid his length into her soaking pussy. When he was fully in he whispered that he would make it quick - P said she didnt mind and with that Al started to fuck her a P just enjoyed being well fucked. As Al was fucking her P could hear me and his wife talking downstairs and she thought how naughty she was just above his wife's head getting a good seeing to by her husband! Al was banging into hard and she knew he was going to cum soon and sure enough he pushed even harder into her and let spurt jet after jet of hot cum - P' felt herslf getting filled up and this sent her over the top as she came again.Al pulled out as P looked up to see his still hard cock shinning with their juices and cum dripping from his cock - -P also felt his cumrunning out of her as she just laid there satisfied and with her pussy wide open dribbling cum.

Al came downstairs, and by this time his wife and I had moved into the conservatory and as he came down I could see the outline of his hardon so I knew he'd screwed my wife .P cleaned herself up as his cum was everywhere and then came down and as she came into to the conservatory gave me a peck on the check as if to thank me for letting have a good fuck.The meal was graet but it was hard to keep my errection under control knowning that my beautiful wife had just fucked another man and was the life and soul of the party with his cum still running out of her.

When we went to bed she thanked me for such a great night.I went down on her and licked her out thinking about his cock in her sucha short time before, then I slid my cock into her and asked if she liked two different cocks in her on one night she said yes and in no time I added my cum to theirs.