Written by Al

15 May 2009

A couple of months ago my girlfriend Kate went on a ski trip with a group of friends. I didn’t go because I’d been out of work for three months and couldn’t justify the expense, but didn’t want to stop her having a holiday.

Kate is 27, blonde, with small tits, a great arse and a lovely tight pussy. She’s a massive flirt when she’s out having a few drinks and loves to dance with other guys. I’ve always fantasised about her fucking another guy and we’ve talked about it during sex, but nothing had ever happened. She said the fantasy didn’t turn her on that much and that she did it for me, but I knew this was a lie as whenever we talked about it she would moan loudly and her pussy would get very wet.

She went off on the Sunday and I noticed that she had packed some of her sexiest lingerie, which I teased her about. She laughed and claimed she was packing it for practical reasons, but I had an inkling that she wasn’t telling the truth.

We talked everyday while she was out there and I would ask her if she’d been flirting with guys which again made her laugh coyly, saying that she’d had some attention but it was all just a bit of fun.

She got back the following Sunday, and whilst unpacking I asked her if anyone had got any action. She looked at me sheepishly and I knew she’d done something. ‘Yes,’ she said ‘I kissed a guy on the last night. He was an Aussie staying in the chalet downstairs and was part of a group we got to know over the week.’ My heart leapt and I got a nervous, nauseous feeling in my stomach.

She said that was it and nothing else happened, which I believed, until whilst doing the laundry the next day I noticed that her thongs were covered in dried pussy juice. I knew this was a sign that she must have been very turned on, and on more than one occasion

When she got home that evening I quizzed her again and told her I’d seen the state of her underwear. She got all embarrassed and apologetic, but I told her I wanted to know the truth. She told me that she’d not just kissed him, but had had a fling with him for half the holiday. She said that it was just kissing and fumbling, until the last night on the Saturday.

I asked her if talking about it was making her horny, to which she replied ‘No’, but I pushed my hand inside her thong to find a very wet pussy and a hard clit. I flicked her clit and asked her again, to which she replied ‘Yes’ this time. She then proceeded to tell me the story of that final evening.

They’d been in a club dancing and kissing, and Chris had been running his hands all over her, including up her miniskirt and over her silky thong. She was getting hornier and hornier and told him to take her back to his chalet.

They fell into his room and fortunately his roommate wasn’t there. He quickly had her down to her underwear and was running his hands over her gorgeous arse, which she loves. She’s usually rather shy about her body, because of her small tits, but she said that when he stripped her off she didn’t care and loved him sucking on her hard nipples. She said she was soaking wet and he slid two fingers into her easily whilst simultaneously rubbing her clit with his thumb which drover her wild.

Whilst telling me this we’d moved onto the bed and I was rapidly fingering her pussy which was wetter than I’d ever known it and she was wanking my rock hard cock.

She said she then stripped him off and dropped to her knees to taste his cock. This was the first new cock she’d had in over six years and she said she loved the different feel and taste. She gives great head and he was soon moaning and telling her how good she was at sucking cock, which she loves to hear. She said she stopped short of making him cum because she wanted to make sure he could give her a good fucking

They then switched over and he went down on her, expertly licking her clit and fingering her pussy, covering his face in her pussy juice. He got her close to cumming before stopping and moving up her body. He asked her if she was on the pill, to which she replied ‘No’, but she said ‘I don’t care, I want your cock in me now!’

He kissed her hard and she could taste her pussy on his tongue, something she doesn’t usually like, but she was so turned on that she loved it. She felt the tip of his cock rubbing her oily pussy slit and she moaned, begging him to fuck her. He continued to tease her making her beg more, before he finally plunged the full length into her causing her to moan even louder.

He started off with a steady rhythm, building up to a faster pace as he started to give her a really hard fucking. She said the feeling was amazing, almost like one long orgasm, and she was thrusting into him trying to get every last millimetre of his cock into her.

They flipped over so she was on top, which is her favourite position, and she drove down hard on his cock making sure her clit was rubbing against his pubic region. Her orgasm really started to build now and she started to ride him harder and harder telling him to fuck her over and over again. He was talking dirty to her, asking her if she liked a nice hard cock in her pussy and telling her she was a horny bitch, to which she screamed ‘Yes I fucking love cock in my pussy, I’m a cock-loving slut.’ He then started to call her ‘his slut’ and ‘a cock loving bitch’. She said this name calling really turned her on and she just moaned ‘Yes’ to everything he said, fucking him more and more frantically before screaming ‘Fuck me!’ as she had the biggest orgasm of her life.

He fucked her through her orgasm before telling her he was going to cum and she responded in a way she has never done for me. She jumped off him and sunk her mouth over his pussy-juice-covered cock. She doesn’t like the taste of her pussy, but she said the taste on his cock was intoxicating and when he came hard in her mouth seconds later, something else she’s not fond of, she greedily swallowed the huge amount of cum, savouring the flavour of their mixed juices.

By this point she was riding my cock with her pussy wetter than I’d ever known it, saying ‘This is how I fucked him, his cock felt so good. I want his cock in my pussy now.’ She then started moaning ‘Fuck me Chris, fuck me Chris, fuck me Chris’ over and over again. Our pace built up and this quickly pushed both of us over the edge. She had the biggest orgasm she’s ever had with me, soaking my cock and balls with her pussy juice, as a massive orgasm ripped through me.

She’s seen him a couple of times since, but she says the first time was the best and we relive it frequently as it always guaranteed to get us horny.