Written by Sandy

28 Jul 2016

Ian and I have been hovering on the edges of the scene for over a year now. Last weekend I took a first step for us both.

Ian has had this cuckold fantasy going for age. We talk about it. I tell him what I would let men do to me f I had chance. I suppose the next step is to tell him what a man actually did to me when he he got chance.

We’d gone to this house party. People from his rock climbing club. I didn’t know many of the guest. Just three in fact. I was bored out of my mind until Ian got so drunk he had to be put bed.

He was sprawled in the hall, drooling. Cath and Mike, the hosts, helped me get him up to the spare room. I was going to slip into bed with him but Cath said I shouldn’t let his being unable to handle his drink spoil the night for me. Besides things had hardly warmed up, she said with a knowing glint in her eyes.

So I followed her downstairs again. People were still arriving, couples and singles too. I poured myself a stiff drink and made my way to Sean and his wife, the only people I really knew. Another young man joined us and soon I found myself alone with him.

The music was loud and the drink began to unravel me. I found myself swaying to the music, glass in hand. Sean came closer to me and I moved closer to him. Then we were dancing together, his arms around me pulling me to him tight. I could feel his cock hard against my belly and I though this will be something to tell Ian about.

We danced and kissed with tongues. I could tell he really wanted me, his hands on my buttocks, his tongue sweeping wildly inside my mouth. I broke from our kiss and told him my husband was upstairs. He said he didn’t mind, that he was bi. I said Ian wasn’t bi, but perhaps we could -- sort of -- work around him if we were very careful. I liked how he grinned unashamedly when I said that.

Then I led him up to the room where Ian was passed out. It was pitch dark and I couldn’t actually see my husband, but I knew he was lying on top of the duvet on the side of the bed closest to the door.

I led Sean round to the far side and wriggled out of my party dress, quickly unclipped by bras, kicked of my shoes, then pulled of my tights and panties. lay down and let my eyes become accustomed to the dark. I could just make Sean out undoing his belt and dropping his trousers, but he did not remove them. Then he was on the bed, no niceties, just pushing into me in the dark. I had to take him in hand, his fumbling seemed to be going nowhere. Once positioned just-so, he entered me easily; all that close-up dancing and kissing had excited me.

So there I was getting shagged senseless by a stranger named Sean while Ian lay on his back snoring, just inches to our side. The way the bed rocked was sort of distracting because I kept thinking what if he wakes up. Even though Ian was always going on about this kind of thing, would he be able to handle it in real life. The shock of waking up to your wife being fucked would be enough to give any man a coronary.

Sean fucked me so hard I couldn’t help but cry out loud, especially when he was deep, pushing into me with hefty lunges. He certainly had staying power and as it went on and on, and I began to get more an more concerned we would wake Ian. Eventually Sean was moaning and and I could feel the spasms of his cock deep in me as it pumped his load into me.

Afterwards, we lay together for a while just kissing. Then Ian began stirring and Sean quickly rolled from me and down off the bed ling flat on the floor. But it was OK, Ian just turned in his sleep, his back facing me. I looked for Sean and saw him stand up and begin fastening his belt. He leaned and kissed me, whispered a thank you, before quickly left the room.

Next morning I didn’t say anything about Sean. I still haven’t. I do intend to tell him but will pick my moment. Sean was still in the house when we both went down later that morning. He was at the table eating a bacon sandwich. Ian and Sean knew each other, Sean a climbing club member too. They began chatting about old climbs they’d done together in the past.

I kept thinking god! Ian, if only you knew what climb Sean had shared with you last night. The climb into our bed!