Written by mark

23 Mar 2019

Hi im mark im a 33 year old guy and im married to sarah who is 38 my partner of 8 years. We have been married for the last two years. We have a great sex life and even though we are both open minded we are not swingers or ever played with other people etc. Sarah is about 5,5 tall shoulder length blonde hair a size 12/14 quite busty 36ee broad hips decent bum carries a few extra pounds but carries them well.

It was a few months ago on a tuesday afternoon sarah came in from work from her job as a secretary in town. I went to the kitchen to make us both a drink she followed me in to the kitchen and began putting some clothes in the washing machine. As she was bending over i went up behind her feeling horny pressing my crotch against her bum. She didnt resist so i lifted her dress over her bum she had a black thong and tights on. I looked down and noticed she had a ladder on the inside leg of her tights and joked to her has the naughty secretary got a rip in her tights she looked at the ladder and said she was rushing in the morning when putting them on. I couldn't help myself and i ripped her tights open as she was bent over exposing her big bum. Mark what you doing she said a bit annoyed but giggled at the same time. I pulled my already hard cock out and rubbed it over her bum she positioned herself leaning over the kitchen worktop. Am i your bad secretary she said sticking her bum out as i pulled her thong to one side and put my hand between her legs to feel she was already getting wet .I dropped to my knees as i wanted to taste her i licked her slit and pushed my tongue inside her she let out a moan i then ran my tongue over her bum hole at the same time as pushing two fingers in her pussy. You dirty bastard mark your licking my bum this only encouraged me to do it more before standing u and pushing my 7" inside her. She was so wet now my cock slid straight in i grabbed her hips and began to pound her pulling her hair a bit which she loves. This is what naughty secretaries get for having a rip in there tights i said, she moaned and said i bet if john (her boss who she is a pa to) knew it was there he would love to bend me over his desk and fuck me, i bet he would the perv i replied.

This set my imagination running wild and before i knew it i could hold back no more and began to let out a loud groan as i began to cum inside sarah. I came really hard before taking a moment to catch my breath before slipping my softening cock out of her. As i slipped out sarah stayed in position her legs apart i stood behind her and watched as my cum ran out of her and hit the kitchen floor and there was quite a lot.

Since this particular fuck i seem to have alot of thoughts about what other men would be like fucking sarah, who knows is this the start of something.