Written by Hubby

7 Apr 2019

My true story goes back a number of years before we were married. We met when she was 18 and I was her first and only man to enjoy fucking her, albeit she made me wait 7 months before I could fuck her.

I had always been turned on by the thought of another man fucking her, but was always met with a firm No. However on the odd occasion she would let another man have a feel of her tits when out with a friend from work, and would then delight in telling me about it when she got home, knowing full well I would be turned on.

She worked in a large office in the nearby town and there was a lad by name of Seamus who had been chatting her up which she told me about and of course I suggested she let him fuck her. After a while of me going on, she said she would think about it, but would need to meet with him after work to get to know him better as she wasnt going to be an easy lay!

After about 6 weeks she said she was ready to take it to the next level and said she would go out with him the following Friday. I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive and I helped her pick the right clothes for him, which included black underwear, black stockings and suspenders with a black skirt with split to front and a flimsy blouse.

The deal was I had to wait at home for her to return and she would tell me if she had gone through with it. She arrived home at 1am and when i asked her, she said “what do you think” as she took her black knickers off to throw at me with his spunk stains all over them. She climbed into bed and told me all about how Seamus had fucked her.

They went to his local for a drink and back to his flat about 9.30pm and wasnt long before he was trying his luck, kissing her, feeling her tits and running his hand up her stocking clad legs, whilst laying on the large sofa in his lounge.

Seamus soon had her blouse off, and was playing with her tits and had his hand in her knickers with fingers in her pussy, she told him to get undressed so she could see him and was soon playing with his cock. He stripped her down to her stockings and parted her legs for him to enter her bare back. He trust in and out as she held his cock and he slowly fucked her for quite a while before he tensed and let her have his cum inside her.

After they had finished she told him to dress her which he duly did, getting a good look at her spunk filled pussy as he did so.

When she arrived home and got into my bed, the smell and feel of the sloppy seconds was fantastic as I fucked her to receive her second load of cum in one night from 2 different men. I soon removed and was hard again as I fucked her to give her another load of spunk, along with another 2 loads in the morning so her pussy was really messy and full of cum from the 2 of us.

We have been married a number of years and whilst never repeated this situation, we still talk about it and I always get really turned on knowing Seamus had fucked her and I had shared her the same night with those stocking clad legs wrapped around me only an hour or so after he had fucked her.