Written by Steve

26 Jun 2013

Hi we just got back home after a meal and a few drinks out at a local bar/pub. We relocated to the States last year as my job dictates where we live and work.

We are both in our mid fifties and Shirley my wife is a petite blonde with really nice legs and boobs who has always gotten plenty of attention from men ever since she was a teenager. I can still remember her sat on the toilet seat of a cottage with a strangers penis in her mouth back in the 70's before he and another guy stripped her down to her dark stockings and high heels before bending her over and shagging her in front of me.

Anyway on the way home tonight we pulled over and parked up in a picnic area and started to have some fun. It wasn't long before a man came over and looked inside our car and as Shirley had her skirt up around her waist he reached in and felt her up.

Another man joined him and they both with my agreement pulled her out of the car and marched her wearing just her stockings and shoes over to some tables at the other end of the car park where they went at her until Shirley was satisfied and full of semen.

we went for a drink in a local bar after and Shirley said there has been this guy chatting he up in the local coffee bar so ill let you all know how that goes.