Written by Peter

4 Feb 2010

Ann and I have been married for 30 years and have enjoyed a varied sex life. When we first married I was working as a civilian with the British Forces in Germany and Ann who was 21 at the time had just qualified as a PE teacher. She enjoyed most sport, particularly swimming and had a fit, toned quite muscular body. We lived in a flat, the upper part of a house owned by a father and son of about 18, who lived downstairs. There was little work for wives so Ann soon grew bored and in the summer after swimming at the local pool would sunbathe nude on our small balcony overlooking the garden.

I knew she was spending most of the day naked and she'd told me that she had seen the son watching her from behind some shrubs in the garden. I asked what she'd done and she said that she'd stood on the balcony against the railings so he had a good view as she poured sun lotion on her body and rubbed it in. She knew I was excited by her being watched and after we'd fucked I suggested she went further. I was owed some time off so a couple of days later I watched as she went on the balcony. She saw he was in the garden and lent against the railings. I whispered part your legs. Ann shaved her pussy even then so she was completely exposed. She rubbed sun oil on and when she reached her pussy she left her hand there, rubbing her clitoris, fingering her cunt, masturbating in full view of him. I was stroking my prick as I watched her wank until she arched her back as she had an orgasm. She come straight in and got on top off me and we fucked as she told me the son had got his cock out and had been tossing himself off. This was repeated the next couple day and Ann kept telling me how randy it made her but wished she had a better view of his cock. I asked what she was thinking when wanking and was told, him fucking me.

That night we talked and when I asked if she wanted to be fucked by the son she said she did. The next day she went on the balcony early and waited for him to appear. He came out and she was right above him, slipping her fingers in her pussy when she called down to him and invited him up. He was at the door in seconds, Ann let him in and stripped him then led him by his cock into the bedroom. He looked shocked when he saw me but Ann reassured him it was OK and soon had his cock in her mouth sucking him off while I inserted my fingers in her cunt and rubbed her clit. Her cunt was dripping and ready for fucking. She stopped sucking and mounted him, cumming when his prick stretched her tight pussy, as he rammed his prick in. I offered my cock to her, she parted her lips and sucked me into her mouth, moaning as she came again on the cock filling her cunt . We both came fairly quickly, she swallowed my spunk and lay back on the bed and scooped his cum from her pussy and licked it from her fingers. Ann wanted to be fucked again and using her hands and mouth soon had us erect again and we both took her, me experiencing for the first time shagging her with her pussy full of another mans spunk.

After that he became a regular visitor, Ann enjoying being regularly fucked and having something to "fill" her days. Eventually the father realised what was going on and made it obvious he wanted to fuck Ann. He was about 50 and she found him reasonably attractive. At the end of the month she went to pay the rent and was gone about an hour. When she returned she told me she had let him fuck her and had received a discount on our rent. We stayed at the flat for about another 6 months the son joining us for sex and his father fucking Ann once or twice each week. It was only when we moved that Ann told me we hadn't been charged any rent for the last 5 months.

We stayed in Germany for another 2 years, a number of other blokes fucking her during this time, before moving back to the UK when she got a job in a large Comprehensive school. We had to be more careful then but still had the occasional friend join us and on holidays she could always find someone to join in a fuck session. We still have a very active sex life but had not been joined by anyone for a number of years - That is until recently which brought the memories of the the first time flooding back for us both. That though is really another story.