Written by Paul

22 Mar 2008

This true story continues about my young student gf Emma Jane who is 22 when we met Eric, a mature, overweight 48 year old overweight guy whilst in a pub on a day out in the countryside. We followed Eric back to his house 2 miles away.

On arrival, we went into the living room whilst Eric put the kettle on. I was all a bit surreal and I couldn't believe we were in a strange guys house but Emma was really keen. She kept saying "he's lovely, do you think his cock is big?" I thought she was just flirting and being horny. Eric returned with three cups of tea. Suddenly he asked Emma i she wanted to see his home made furniture in the next room, Emma quickly said yes. As they left the room I noticed him take Emma's hand, I got up to follow but Emma said, "you watch the sport on the tv". After 15 minutes, there was no sign of them so I got up and walked next door to find Emma examining a chest of drawers that Eric had made but he was stood behind her clearly gently pressing into her bum and I noticed the palm of her right hand touching his thigh. I thought nothing of it because it was subtle. Emma seemed relaxed when she saw me but Eric looked a bit surprised. I just smiled.

Eric went to the toilet and Emma sat with me back in the front room. She said "he's so talented and his cck is so fat", I asked her how she knew and she said "I could feel it against my bum, can I stroke him?", I said "if you want". I was so nervous, tingles running down my spine, I felt sik but so excited. Eric returned so I took the initiative to relax the mood. I said "Eric, my girlfriend Emma wants to wank you off". At first he looked shell shocked, in fact he thought we were joking but he smiled anyway. Emma stood up and took him by the hand to sit him down on the opposite sofa. She said to Eric, "do you mind if my boyfriend watches?" he replied "course not".

Emma very calmly undid Eric' belt, undid his zip and rolled his jeans down to his ankles. He was wearing scruffy, old y front underpants and you could see the size of his shaft forcing aganst the fabric. Emma rolled the soft palm of her hand around the bulge and spent seveal seconds feeling the rumble in his balls before sliding his pants down. Eric groaned as Emma gently cupped, cradled caressed his balls in the palm of her hand and using the tips of her fingers. I'd never seen Emma this sensual or horny. She said "these are full" Eric continued to groan. I then watched her give him the best hand job ever. He was about 7.5, cut but an extremely fat girth and huge mushroom head. She spat on the cock and gently stroked it with one hand whilst cupping the balls with the other. She looked into Eric's eyes the whole time. After 10 further minutes Eric let out a huge groan and came all over my Emma's hands. To make matters worse she then licked every drop off her fingers and said to him that he tasted amazing. Emma has never tasted my sperm before.

Eric chatted to us a bit more before we left.

In bed last week Emma suddenly confessed that she'd asked for Eric's number whilst we were there and said she craved another experience with him, possibly oral next time. I agreed and she's also discussed swinging with other couples so I get to enjoy other women too.