Written by Anonymous

7 Apr 2019

My true story goes back a few years before we were married and i let my then girlfriend be fucked by another man. I had been to only guy to fuck her as we met when she was young and I was the “First” to get inside her knickers, albeit she kept me waiting for a few months as she wasn’t that sort of girl.

I had a desire to share her and at first she was dead against the idea. She did let other guys have a grope of her whilst she was out with her friend from work and had been cheated up, and then told me about it when she came home, but nothing more than a kiss and feel of her tits.

After me going on about it, she eventually told me about Seamus, a lad from her office who had been chatting her up and I could tell she fancied the idea of him maybe fucking her, but she said she wouldn’t let him on a first “date” as she wasn’t going to be classed as an easy lay. She therefore went for a drink with him a couple of times after the work.

After about 6 weeks, she said she was ready to take it to another level, so she arranged to go out with him the following Friday. I couldn’t wait for the day to arrive and I went to her home as she still lived with her parents at this point to help her select the right clothes for the big night, which included Black underwear, black stockings and suspenders with a skirt with split to front and a nice flimsy blouse.

I went back to my house and awaited her return, which was a very long evening indeed. She told me all about what happened when she returned home at1am, and when i asked her if he had fucked her, she took her black knickers off and said “what do you think” with his cum marks all showing!

She met Seamus at his flat and they went for a drink to his local and then back to his place at about 9.30pm. It wasnt long before he was trying his luck and was kissing her and got her lovely tits out and put his hand up her skirt and feel her stocking clad legs, which he complimented her on. He stripped her down to her stockings on his sofa in the lounge in front of the fire and she was playing with his cock, the first one other than mine.

He laid her down, and entered her bare back and slowly began fucking her for all he was worth and playing / kissing her tits. She was holding his cock as he went in and out of her and after a good few minutes he tensed and she could feel his cum enter her.

Seamus was a good lover, paying her lots of attention and he certainly enjoyed fucking her and said her boyfriend was a lucky chap to have her (He knew about me)

As they lay on the Sofa she told him he had to dress her again and he did as he was told, putting her clothes back on before she left to come home th me.

When she came home, threw me her spunk stained knickers and then got into bed with me as i had the lovely sloppy seconds knowing full well he had fucked her only an hour or so beforehand as she told me all about the adventure. It wasnt long before she had her second load of cum in her as I shot my load into her. I was soon hard and fucked her again, giving her another load of cum.

On the Saturday morning I fucked her again twice more, her pussy by this time was well and truly messy after all the cum inside her, as we talked about how he had fucked her the previous night.

Seamus did try to get her out again, but she told him it was a one off and hoped he had enjoyed the experience, which he certainly did! We have now been married a number of years, we do speak about the evening some times, but she has said this was a one off and didn’t want another man other than me, which is quite disappointing but I do respect her wishes and am only too pleased she was prepared to act like a little slut on this one occasion and let me enjoy the sloppy seconds.