Written by Mike

10 Nov 2009

We met John and Sue by accident about four months ago. My wife Sarah and I had gone out for a meal with out booking a table and reluctant to turn us away the restaurant owner had politely ask another couple if they wouldn\'t mind sharing their rather large table with us.

It went from there.

We actually got along famously. John and Sue are of a similar age to us in fact John and I even look similar. Medium build, balding not the best looking guys but OK. Normal really. Sue and Sara are also quite alike. Both are showing a bit of extra middle age weight as they head towards fifty but both are not too bad. They tend to look after themselves quite well and share a similar taste in clothes. Smart dresses or skirts and always nylons. It was one of the first things that I noticed about Sue, being a bit of a legs man. From time to time I\'ve caught myself fantasising about Sue during a fuck with my wife just to spice things up a bit for myself. I didn\'t of course let on to Sarah.

Since that first encounter we\'ve had dinner together four times and been invited around to their house on a couple of occasions. This last weekend we were their home for a drink. John and I were in the kitchen sorting out drinks when John right out of the blue complimented me on Sarah choice of dress and mentioned how I must be pleased that it showed off her legs so well!

A bit taken aback I thought that I might well see where this line of conversation might go. I told John that I thought that we were lucky men to have two such gorgeous wives and that I had always admired Sues looks. He was duly pleased with that comment and we found out, as we joked, that we both had a mild fetish for nylons. He told me that Sue was wearing stockings that evening and to keep an eye out when she crosses her legs. I couldn\'t believe that I was being egged on by another woman\'s husband to take an opportunity to ogle his wife but I wasn\'t going to say no!

We decided to have a bit of shoolboy type fun with our wives without their knowledge and whenever we caught a tantalising glimpse up the skirt of the others wife we would keep score and see who won. so off we went back into the lounge John and I on one sofa and The girls opposite.

If I was forced to chose a replacement for my wife then Sue certainly would fit the bill. She had on a simple black dress, superb nearly nude grey nylons, which I now knew to be stockings and a fine pair of low heels despite her being at home. She looked great. Guiltily I started to develop a hard on as I frequently glanced across at the women; my eyes darting from first Sues then Sarahs knees.

It suddenly struck me that if I had an erection in my pants for Johns wife then OMG he must be feeling the same for Sarah as he, in turn, enjoyed her mature beauty. She had chosen to wear a smart cream summer dress in complete contrast to Sues black number. I hadn\'t let on to John that she was also wearing stockings. A pair of tan hold ups. That should get him going I thought. I was actually getting turned on by the idea of another man fancying my wife. Something that if it had happened in the past would have upset me greatly. But this was rally fun!.........(To be continued)