Written by shaggygolightly

10 Mar 2009

Where do I begin? Claire my wife, ( read on )well she was a plain jane type, 5ft 6"glasses freccles etc.. But i always knew as she got older the better she would be.. I have always wanted her to fuck some one else. It must be something i was born to be, but i don't want a faithful partner, never have never will. Back to Caire, she was 36 when i finally convinced her that i wanted her to fuck around, even then it took months before it finally happened, and even now i am not sure if when she tld me it was the 1st time or the 2nd, her story is somewhat vague and she still says she slept with him twice, my recollection was once.. Any way after a few guys over a period of 4 years she met her current boyfriend Big is an understatement!!! he has arms bigger than my legs, she met him in a bar when i was there with her, she flirted a bit that night. later on i said she fancied him and she did... anyway that was 2 years ago, she see's him about 2-3 times a week, and believe me he must be a big boy, her pussy is now big and stretched, she now shaves her pussy hair, something she'd never do for me, and she is totally addicted to sex with him. So much so i nover get a lok in anymore. So to all those guys who want to see their wife fucked by another, remember.... If she finds someone like this, you will have to live with the consequences... She still loves me, she would never leave me, but she loves to fuck him!! To be honest i don't mind..