Written by Versace Vase

5 Jul 2010

Ive often read these storys and thought hmm right, so i thought id share something that really happened to me, it was twelve years ago, i was living with a woman called Sally, we had been together about nine months and we lived up the road from the potential inlaws which was good because we both went to work early and could drop of Sals child at her Mums to take to school, anyway mum and daughter were very close and for some reason Sal hadnt much experience of receiving oral, however after the first time proceded to tell her mum how good it was, Sals mum, Wendy often made joky coments regarding the wonderfull act of oral in my direction.

Anyway i was on my day off, Sal had taken her boy down to her mums as usual, to give me a lie in, however i got up, showered, pulled a t shirt and joggers on and nipped some ironing down to Wendys (she did ours) anyway, we were in the kitchen, i was making a coffee, Wendy was sat at the kitchen table, she had just had a shower and was wearing a silky knee length dressing gown, She said with a wry smile "Sally had a big smile on her face this morning...again" "Hmm yes im sure she did" i replied with a smile, Now previously Sally had told me that here Mum & Dad had a very sparce sex life, he rolled on, came and rolled of, no oral, no foreplay bar from a few fingers and thumbs, Anyway i turned round to pass Wendy her coffee, she took it from me but looked very flushed, her nipples pointing thru her dressing gown, i was a bit taken back but thought id make a joke of it, i said "Wendy if i didnt know better you id say you are a little bit horny", looking to the floor she mumbled, "if only you knew", by this time she had a strange look on her face, "my god" i said "you are". Isnt Ken servicing you properly?" full well knowing about there very sparse sex life. she said with a smile ive never had a full service ( which was funny because Ken, her husband and my fute father inlaw worked in a garage MOTing cars lol)

Her nipples now were so damn hard it was obvious, still smiling "i said are you wearing anything underneath that gown" She said "no" i replied "Whens the last time another man touched you"? Wendy said 30 years ago, now when your wearing joggers and your cock gets excited theres not a great deal you can do, it was at this point my cock decided to twitch, which Wendy saw, much to her amusement she giggled, i walked over towards her, i twitched again, my cock now was straining to get out of my Joggers and was now standing infront of her, i took the drink out of her hand, she started to shake, i took her by the hand, still smiling and stood her up of the chair saying " is there anything you would like me to do to you, she whisspered "i want you to do to me what you do to"..she paused "Sally", i slid my hand inside her gown, touching her errect nipple and gliding down inbetween her legs finding her nice moist pussy, i slipped my finger between her lips, god she was wet, with my free hand i released my cock from my joggers and guided Wendys hand towards it, she finaly touched it the gripped on to very tightly, you want me to lick your pussy Wendy, hmm she replied, she started to wank me gently, i kissed her, she was already groaning with one finger inside her, i turned her round, she said "what are you doing?" i then pushed her over the sink, lifted her gown saying im going to feel what your like before i get down to licking your pussy, with that, i inched the head of my cock touching her red, lips and pushed slowly, deeply into her, she gaspped and sighed, slowly i fucked her, she was now arching her arse towards me and fucking me too, i withdrew and took her into the lounge pushing her back onto the couch, gown now desgarded, i opened her long legs, her eyes were closed i slipped my cock back into her, fucking her for a few more minutes, then withdrawing from her i lifted her legs high and wide, gripping her buttocks tightly, i started to lick her very red swollen lips, delving my toungue deep into her, kissing and sucking her clitoris, she was like a wild animal, legs tense and shaking, toes scrunched up, both hands griping my head forcing me into her pussy, she started to come, she was growling under her breath, i had her gripped to my face, her juices now flowing over my chin, she climaxed, body convulsing up and down side to side, panting uncontrolably, whimpering and in a shaking heap on the couch, we were both soaked in sweat, i got up to get her a drink of water passed one towards Wendy, she sat up looking at my still fully erect cock, she took into her hand and started to lick it, taking a mouthful of cold water she slid it back into her mouth with the cold water, then swallowed, with that i picked her up and walked her over to the dining table bent her over it,opening her out, licking her from behind, again she was now shaking,i stood up, grabbed her by her dark hair, pulled her head back, i then slid my cock inside her and fucked her over the table from behind, slowly letting the head slip out, then back in, then fast and deep, god she was wet, so there i was, id got my future mother in law, bent over the dining table that we all ate at every other night, i was fucking her pulling her head back with her hair with one hand, holding her shoulder with the other, thrusting deep inside her, she was fucking me too, i started to come, clasping her hips ramming myself as deep as i could inside her, i filled her feeling it run every where, she was loving it, i stopped shattered, shaking sweat dripping everywhere, i slipped out of her, she turned round taking my cock and balls in her hands, needing them, i slipped my finger between her lips and just up and round into her, she sighed, i said i better go, she said yes, i kissed her, got dressed went home to get showered and cleaned up.

We all had tea at the inlaws house that night, a certain mother inlaw to be had a very big smile on her face, everyone comented on it, except me, we just shared a few knowing glances. It only happened the once, but god it was good.