Written by lickerman

7 Mar 2010

I just wanted to try this for real,so I set her up with a good friend who I knew I could trust.He had a small after pub drink at his place just around the corner from us.

We had all had a drink or two but not drunk and she was having a good time.

I had told my friend that she liked him a lot and quite fancied him and told him it would be a big turn on for me if he managed to fuck her.

I told her I was going home to bed as I had an early start in the morning,but to stay for a while with our friend,not knowing it was a set up she agreed

After about an hour or so I heard the front door open and in she came.

She walked into the room and said she was going to shower and then come to bed,not a chance I told her and after lots of moaning got in with me.

I was all over her and could feel she was soaking wet. I told her I needed to give that a good licking and she tried her best to talk me out of it but without any luck.

This has always been my goal and down I went.

I have to tell you it was heaven.It tasted great not at all what I had thought and couldnt get enough of it.I then asked her if he had fucked her,no she said but when I told her I had set her up she admited it.Both of us now agree this is good fun and we cant wait for the next helping. Dan you know this is you,thanks mate