Written by James

14 Dec 2007

Well I visited the local sex cinema recently. As I entered all the men in their were masturbating their own or the persons next to them cock. I found this very arousing along with the Video on the screen I soon became very arosed indeed, so I also took my cock out and started to wank it very slowly. Then after about 20 minutes I noticed this young lady enter in the darkness. She sat by me for about 6 minutes then kept looking at me. I didnt mind and kept smiling back at her. THEN SHE LEANED TOWARDS ME AND PUT HER HANDS ON MY COCK. I was getting very excited, after about 3 minutes of her wanking me she then leaned over and put her mouth over my cock and put in her mouth. I was very excited indeeed. I then started to put my hand towards her crotch and slowly put my hand inside her pants. I then started to come as she sucked me off then I had the shock of my life for what I felt wasnt a crutch but a penis I touched it and started to wank it just as I came in her mouth well his mouth. she /he then moved her mouth away from my penis and then started to kiss me, thats wen I realised she hadnt swallowed and in the darkness I was taasting my own cum. she sort of managed to tongues me and exchange my spunk in my mouth I loved the taste strangely enough.I then finished wanking him off till he came in my hand. I will be going back very soon I hope she/he will be there again. Hopefully