Written by Grant

25 Oct 2017

Weve just moved to the Wirral Merseyside , a lovely area , Mum , Dad , me and my younger sister - shes 19 Anyway when we moved in Sis got the best room i got the one overlooking our neighbours back garden , then one night i was doing some stuff on my laptop and the light came on next door i turned off my light , there was a gap in the curtain i could see a woman’s silhouette, the she passed and she was only wearing undies , red panties and a white bra, just a little glimps. A few days later i realised the lady was on her own , her kids come to visit so it was her i saw, the next time i saw her to make chit chat i said that Sal my sister got the best room with a view , i said im overlooking your garden , now she knew.

Nothing happened for a fee days then the light went on and the curtain was a little bit wider , turned her main light off and put a side light on , enough to see , then she passed wearing white panties and then she was putting on stockings then a skirt then the light went off and a taxi beeped and out she went .

I went to bed and the light came on , she was back , she walked past in her undies , then she readjusted her curtain , but she opened it first i could see her tits , she knew i was watching ..... i will keep you all posted but i may return the compliment, she looks a dirty bitch , i wouldnt say no .......